[Solved] Known-issue: Viki downtime across and apps


Things are starting to look a bit more normal by now, though not completely.
Viki’s office hours start again 4 hours from now, so until then we’re on our own.


I just tried to get back oh, I clicked a drama, thought I would watch, well that little doggie came back on!


I thought the same and got:


I am dealing with same issues. It was working on my lunch break 3 hours ago & now nothing.


Oh, this one does work:


Ummm … not anymore. When I click the link the site turn to French and I got the sorry message again.

I can still watch it in the page I opened a minute ago, though.


I am getting the same whole morning. Very annoying and frustrating. The Korean drama I was watching disappeared and I can’t find it anymore.


Which one were you watching?


I lost the Korean drama I was watching. The screen stops after scrolling to page 4.


I tried again now nothing comes up, boy something major must have happened ,what is it now about 5-6 hours?


This is all i get now


I finished watching an episode earlier today went to finish some work and now I am back the site is bonkers. I have experienced all the problems above. It seems as if they are updating the site by changing to a three tier system- free watch- standard watch and plus. Which tells me nothing will work properly for awhile. I wonder what it will do to subscribers.


Nice, mine doesn’t yet.

Oops, by accident I opened a private window (literal German to English)
And the video was there but of course not taking my viki account into account so cookie setting this huge bar and next page in French desolée … Before that the video was running …


This is really weird.


On my end, 2-3 hrs, since I watched a 45 min episode and that worked until …


I will log off for now, will come back on later


Hopefully things get solved soon. :slight_smile:


Did you see the techies are telling us something in the tab there is a new text - We are working on it …


yes I’m in United States has the same problem here


likewise, USA here too. lutra no I didn’t see it, yeahI just did see it.