[Solved] Known-issue: Viki downtime across and apps


Hi there!
Changes for licenses can happen anytime. Unfortunately there is no real good instrument for now available so viewers won’t experience a sudden stop in their watching experience. We volunteers have been pointing this out for years it is on the list for Viki but not yet a priority.
In the last announcement you can see dramas and movies where changes in the license happened. However, I can’t tell if there is another one for Viki Pass Plus issues you would need to look into the Help Center. All information for VPP is not accessible for me since I live in Europe, and we do not have that option at all. Dramas for VPP are normally out of reach for us anyway, but that is not of your concern.
If there is no other topic than the one I linked here, then it’s best you write a request. It could take some time for getting an answer, be patient with the Viki staff.

Hope you will get to know soon.
Till then


Can someone help me understand why some contents prompt me to get a Viki Pass subscription to watch when I already have a Viki Pass subscription? This started after some of the shows became available during the recovery. Does it mean my Viki pass subscription is not recognized by your system?


Are you still logged in? Sometimes it can happen that the system will “throw” you out. Even if you are not sometimes it is enough to log out and in again for the system to get back on track.
What channel are you referring to? Licenses can change and would be best to know what region you are from, because there is a difference too. PC or mobile …?


Hi @bfekezue_861

I will refine what @lutra has said little the by saying the would helpful to know what jurisdiction (country) you are in. As the term ‘region’ when it comes to content licensing can be a bit misleading as what is available often varies even from country to country . It is clear from my time on here viewing various topics on here that there are pieces of content seem to be available in parts of mainland Europe that aren’t available in the UK. Even though all areas of Europe, including the UK have access to viki pass standard.

In short content licensing is a complete mess :confused:


Hi, @jeslynl

Thank you for informing us of the updates and to Viki’s technical team and their hard work!

Our viewers are reporting they are able to watch the videos even without updating their mobile and tablet applications. But they don’t see the freshly created subtitles. The same subtitles are visible on the desktop version.

Edit: Now we realized that even in the desktop version many of the subtitles are not visible. Mostly the subs with < br > are skipped, but it’s not a firm rule.


Me too. I am on the east coast of the USA. I have not been able to use the VIKI app over the last three days that I have been trying.


@bozoli We’ve been receiving similar reports too! Do you mind dropping us a note with more details (including language, specific show titles and episodes, as well as the region you or other viewers are watching from)? We are working to identify the issue ASAP and could use more information in the meantime.

I’ll keep a lookout for your note if you do write something to us!


Hi all, a quick update: As I have shared also in the original post, Viki services have fully recovered and video playback has resumed across devices. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • If you continue to run into video playback issues and have raised a ticket request via our Help Center, our customer experience team will get back to you as soon as possible. There might be a slight delay due to the huge volume of ticket requests over this period — please bear with us!

  • If you are no longer able to access some of the shows you were watching previously and were prompted to upgrade your subscription, or to start subscribing, it is indeed because of a change in content lineup at Viki. You can find more information about it here.

  • If you are experiencing trouble with subscription benefits (i.e. not seeing benefits after subscription), do make sure you are logged in with the correct email address (the one you used to subscribe), or let us know the problem in detail via the Help Center.

Thank you once again for bearing with us!