[Solved] Known-issue: Viki downtime across and apps


It’s on a bigger scale this time, Europe/Germany here …

Edit and now back to every tab I open - Oh no! Hammy is already there …

So, from Germany Gute Nacht/Good Night!

2nd Edit I just remembered a song after the x try to open something.
Do you remember? Not talking about Earth, Wind & Fire at least us over 40 :wink: know this song, September

No I meant this one

Hopefully in bit everything will be fine


Aha I wasn’t the only one. The app and the site are absolute chaos while it was fine this afternoon (in The Netherlands) . I couldn’t watch a thing so I went elsewhere for my drama needs. Hopefully it’s back to normal soon


It’s the same. It’s been four hours.


Hey, I can see my profile page again! :smiley:

Oh, but my QC Status info is gone. :frowning:

Update: I tried to click on a video link and now I have Hammy in the dark mode:

Update 2: subtitle editor is reachable.
Update 3: Inbox is back to normal. :slight_smile:

Main page is still:

Explore still:

Community site works.

But my profile is gone again, and unlike @lutra I don’t get a message from Hammy:

Update 4: My profile is back (for now).

Update 5: Profile gone again:

Main site still the same:

Update 6: Main site still black, Explore site back to normal (for now).


For me it’s exactly the same since 2 hours ago


I have the same problem. It´s been 3 hours for now.


Hi. I am from Brazil, here is not working too. Hope they fix it asap, I want to watch the last three episodes of King Maker


Viki’s office hours start again in a few minutes:


Hopefully things get solved soon. :slight_smile:


I have gotten numerous error messages with different number ids!


I’m seeing the main site again!

Profile too, including QC Status.

Explore works too.

But not all videos work yet.

Update: not working video is now working. :slight_smile:


it’s back at least using a pc


Everything seems to be back to normal here. :slight_smile:
Thank you, @jeslynl and the rest of the team. :bouquet:


Not normal here. Was trying to continue watching Angel’s Last Mission and it just comes up with the background. The video player doesn’t even show up.


thank you!! for working so hard to get viki up& running! I know what I am going to do today!! catch up!!


Thank you for the hard work you all did an bring back on track :+1:t3::heavy_heart_exclamation::muscle:t3: 12.21pm the Netherlands


Hello everyone,

As we enter the weekend in some timezones, we are glad to share that we are mostly recovered. You can now resume watching videos on Viki.

If you are watching via the Viki app and continue to see the error Please update your app, it is because the recovery of some of our sub-services is still in progress. We recommend trying again in another 24 - 48 hours while our team works on full service recovery. Alternatively, you can watch videos via a web browser at in the meantime.

We will share updates as soon as we receive them. However, there might be a slight delay as we enter the weekend (we will try our best!) For immediate updates or check-ins with status recovery, you can refer to our Twitter page @VikiStatus. (You can also access this page without owning a Twitter account.)

It has been a long day and wait for our community, viewers and the Viki staff, and we want to extend our sincerest thanks for your kind patience and understanding while we get the Viki service up and running again.

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Pues ya esta restablecido en un 70% el servicio pero la sorpresa es que ahora cambiaron los dramas que ayer estaban gratis a PLUS todos y eso no es justo debieron avisar con tiempo que iban a actualizar la plataforma y que ahora habia que pagar el paquete más caro para poder seguir viendo las series. Hay varios usuarios que nos quedamos a la mitad o a un , capitulo de terminar el drama y ahora es PLUS. NO es correcto lo que hicieron, debieron avisar con tiempo de esto.


I’m really :slight_smile: to hear that Viki is back up. Thank you :+1:


All of my shows are asking for me to upgrade from Standard to Plus. This is not what I signed up for. Many of these shows have been out for years!! Is this intentional or is it going to be corrected?
Healer, Pinnochio, Hwarang etc!!