[Solved] now both Stove League and Your Honor - Weird subtitle holes in 100% subbed drama

Suddenly there were no subtitles, I tried other languages and the screen still stayed empty in the subtitle area.
So it might be a techie problem (uploading/segmenting), related to different regions, as it seems in the USA the subtitles are there.

I live in Germany/Europe and there is none. Could you check if you have this issue too, and when you do state in which region you are … Thank you.

There were 2 more holes, but I need to check that later and will add it here.

Time 46.10 to 47.50 English subtitles (and other languages) are missing but episode shows 100% subbed.


I guess it’s another bug now. I am trying to open my inbox since morning but I can’t open it. Just half an hour ago, the entire site started experiencing problems when it was just contribute.viki.com in the first place.


Even more weird thing is that, when I open any page, I am logged out and there’s no way I can successfully log in but I am working smoothly in the editor right now.

The video stopped loading and I stopped subbing but my subs were being saved smoothly without problems. I hope when the site starts working again, my subs will be saved.


This is what I saw when I opened the video link.


The subtitle issue happened yesterday and I don’t think it is related to the latest server issues.

Hallo, ich schreib schnell auf Deutsch, geht fixer.
Ich editiere gerade ein Drama und wollte mir einmal in Episode 1 ansehen, was ich da so verzapfe. Dabei habe ich festgestellt, dass da andauernd solche Löcher sind. Das heißt, die Untertitel sind im Editor ganz normal zu sehen, erscheinen aber dann nicht auf dem Display. Dafür haben wir auch noch keine Lösung gefunden.

I’m editing a drama right now and I wanted to take a look at episode 1 and see what I was doing. I noticed that there are holes like this all the time. That is, the subtitles can be seen normally in the editor, but then they don’t appear on the display. We haven’t found a solution for that yet.

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Thanks for highlighting this issue! We acknowledge the lack of subtitles over the time period stated in the original post. Our team has been notified and will be working on a fix soonest possible. We’ll check back in with updates whenever possible.


@lutra, same here in The Netherlands.

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Well, is not in Europe only thing. This has been happening for a long time here at Rviki site in many dramas, and especially in many on air dramas. I also see it constantly on Netflix too. The person talks but there’s no subs to read so it jumps to the next subtitle (The Uncanny Counter) it happened a lot and it annoys me bc I went back to see if they had added the sentence, and still the actor whatever he said is not there.

My first thought was badly segmented dramas, but then, why the other subs are there in the order they should be? I no longer complain about those things because as long as I can understand the scene a few left out subtitles don’t bother me. But like I said lately on NTFX this is happening a lot not just here at viki.

There are no other subs in that space visible either. I only use Viki, so I can’t compare it to other sites.
P.S. Sorry my fault I thought you meant the other languages, but okay you meant the other English subs.

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Yes, I never bothered to check the other language; which I will from now on. and write the minute/second of the sub. So hopefully this subject was not added as Solved since they added to the other one and you can’t reply there. I’m glad we can reply here. This is not solved yet.anyway.

Just checked and I see the subtitles in both time slots. Maybe Viki fixed the issue.

It’s the whole 1.40 minutes where no subtitles show in the videoplayer for me, and it is still that way.
Did you watch it in video mode or editor mode?

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I see all the subtitles between 46:10 and 47:50. I’m using video mode, as I’m not a part of that team.


So now we are getting somewhere, you got a Kocowa sourced video, at Europe we don’t and this picture is not at 46.10 - 47.50 for us. It is at 49.44, which means almost 2 minutes later.


For me the time mentioned timeslot has this conversation in it with talking actors minus subtitles. The same at the opening scene of episode 10.



I checked from 45 to 46 and I still see the subtitles. 25%20AM

You see the Kocowa logo on the right top, that’s available for the Americas, in Europe we don’t have Kocowa content Viki Pass Plus option, so if we get a “Kocowa” content, we are extremely happy, but we get as it seems another video streamed.

Nope Febr. 2, no subs during the times @lutra states, I’m on Opera and Europe. Btw in Spanish and all other completed languages it shows only 99% which means there is the gap. The subs are also missing during that time @jeslynl .

If anyone has access to the editor and simply goes to the segments that are apparently empty in the Viki Editor since in English it’s 100% but all other languages 99%. One could possibly ask @joysprite to look…

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Hi @simi11 - thanks for the additional details! This is currently a known issue and our team is working to have this fixed. I have now indicated in the subject line accordingly as well. :raised_hands:


Hello, @jeslynl
If you like, I can also give you the name of the drama where I noticed this when editing it.

lately i couldn´t watch episode 2 from Your Honor. I could watch 5 minutes and then nothing till the end

I tried it too https://www.viki.com/videos/1134798v-your-honor-episode-2
and it seems there is a small hole of 5 seconds starting at 0.22, then at 2.58 and checked throughout the video, no subs showing till the end.
SBS drama so probably another Kocowa content …