[Solved] Viki app on android phone does not work

Hello everyone.
I have a question for everyone.
I was wondering if others also have a problem with the app on an android phone or other android device?
recently the app no ​​longer starts up for me, and I have already downloaded it again, and that did not help.
it keeps loading, what can I do, because I’m really not happy with this, i can’t cast to the TV to watch a show like this.

Are you using home wi-fi with it ?

You should definitely notify the help center or contact Viki via @vikistatus on Twitter.

Android device? What is last update? You’ll need to know these things because Viki will ask. I have Viki on my Samsung Note 10 works fine. But on my Samsung Tablet, which is over 7 years old, Viki won’t work because it no longer gets updates for that device.

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Hey @fabienneodding, I echo kakashiandme’s recommendation! Our customer experience team would be the best folks to help you figure this out. Do share details that would be helpful for troubleshooting: Your Android devices (models), the Operating System each of them are running on, the version of the Viki app installed, screenshots of error messages, etc.). Get in touch with them here.

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Yes, wifi, and data, won’t work with both.
but I just looked at my tablet, and the app works there, and that is also an android.

From Android settings , delete all app and cache data , then delete , reboot phone and re-install, sounds like a data issue

It is working again! yeah!
Thank you!