[Solved] Viki logs me out

It happened while I was trying to salvage my messed up profile page by changing the fond colours, making tables etc… Difficult, because the editor shows a white background so there’s no way to know how it will look without saving and previewing.
Every time I saved, however, it couldn’t save because I was logged out. This happened a number of times.
I would have gone to Help Center, but I wanted to know whether other people have had this as well.

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Happened with me as well but I have a different story.
Whenever I log in, the first page I go to is my profile, from there I visit my projects and subtitle editor. Once I am on any drama’s page or just in the editor and I try to do something on these pages, it says You are logged out. I log in from the drama’s page and half an hour later, just while subbing I am logged out again.
Viki got another bug.

A few days ago I did get logged out several times during subbing. At first I could log back in but at some point I couldn’t anymore. Luckily it got solved that same night.
Occasionally some other weird things still happen (like the statement “You haven’t made any contributions yet”), but it usually gets back to normal after a few tries.

Hey everyone! The team caught this issue too, and have since fixed it. You should no longer be logged out upon saving your profile page updates now; if you do, let us know via Help Center! :slight_smile:

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