Some Korean CF words? (Fan Translation Purpose) (Korean Transcript) [Solved]

What is "파판 컬러’ & ’ 가족 소재’ actually? Something like 'fantastic color & family items? Or this auto-generated transcript is totally wrong? (doesn’t seem to be so!)

Only the last line- what was she saying… "애가도… "? And here “애” means someone else, I mean ‘he’ ,right?
#The rest are Hangul transcript only-
3. What was being said- from " 가족과 친구의 사랑" to " 결혼식… 순간들이" ?

  1. The second line is “촉촉한데”? And what’s being said from From “우리 엄마가” to “대박이래” ?

  1. And the last one- (한글 자막)

Many thanks in advance 잘 부탁드립니다 :slight_smile:

First video:
“팝 한 컬러” and “가죽 소재”
“팝 한 컬러” means color that pops
“가죽 소재” means made out of leather or “leather material” to interpret it more directly

얘가 또 한 beat 하잖니
In this phrase, 얘 does not mean another person. It means whatever the product she is promoting in that video.

가족과 친구와의 사랑, 그 만남에서 얻는 휴식.
일상을 만드는 그 순간순간들이, 저에게는 아름다운 순간들이었습니다.

The second line in this video is 집중이 안돼, not 촉촉한데
And the rest of the script you asked for is this:
우리 엄마가 나 안 낳으려고 그랬었대. 오빠만 키운다고 그랬는데. 나 낳더니 대박이래.

From 0:20 to 0:30
밤이 깊어갈수록, 깊이 더 깊이.
수면 흐름에 따라 오래오래 깊숙이.
더욱 강력해진 원자 슬리핑 팩 플러스

From 0:35 to the end
누구지? 잠만 자도, everyday new face laneige

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Many many thanks, thanks a lot :smiley: really my Korean vocab and listening is poor af…& now I’ve got to memorize most part of your reply…thanks again :smiley: