Some thoughts on cover page pictures

As a viewer, I often rely on cover pages for information about the drama and other useful things like the percentage of english subs, actor biographies, possible historical background etc.
Cover pages are very important to me and I really appreciate good-looking and functioning ones.

I’d like to make a suggestion, if I may:

Although my internet connection is not slow, I’ve noticed that really long pictures that contain all the information and photos in one big file take ages to load and they freeze every other activity on the page. It is especially troublesome if I’m already watching the drama and want to access the comments. Comments load after the picture loads.

Would it be possible to post smaller images (one or many, as needed) instead of those incredibly tasteful but ever-loading ones?


I agree with you. They would be equally tasteful if they were separated into three, four or more pictures.


Im on my tablet and sometimes the long pages either freeze or are blurried when scrolling down and disqus loading takes time… the video stops playing when scrolling down to read or to comment.
I do love beautiful and elaborate pages with lots of info perhaps it’s only with the tablet unless the entire page has changed I can’t tell since my pc crashed.

I have lately issues with disqus… I can’t see updates/replies, once it opens a homepage telling me to create an account next time it opens like usually a half page where normally I get replies except telling to create an account… I can post comment with no issues and it says Im logged in with viki and I can access all my comments under profile… anyone same problems? (I did change my privacy to block 3rd parties but the issue was before the same as well)

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viki has changed so many times what htm coding you can use that all covers can be really different.
I know that some designers don’t use the viki site to host some pics as they cant upload them, and end up hosting elsewhere. There are no guidelines for cover pages. Suggestions I guess might be welcome but at the end of the day designers are really volunteers, more even than the subbers/segmenters as there is no appreciation for the designers. no badge, nothing.

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I know they are doing their best :slight_smile:
Some coverpages look entirely professional.

My suggestion was meant to make their work more accessible. How can I appreciate something I can’t see?

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same thing here again… viki should make a content lite site. My crappynet is making even my nssa progress bad.

The Disqus-viki connection has always been buggy for me.
Sometimes if you reply to comments on the right side panel which appear, the comments are nowhere to be found on the original page. You have to go to the original page where you made the comment for it to appear. Sometimes, if you choose the original page from the disqus right side panel, it may be a page in a different language, so all of viki changes to that language for you (Ok, maybe that’s a normal thing). Sometimes, even if you are logged in from viki, disqus does not recognize you as logged in. Generally, it’s a pain.


So at least I’m not the only one with this issue, I think disqus does this intentionally because they want you to create an account with them. This started perhaps only this year… that they are doing this, I can comment but not always open the notification (replies). It leads me either to login with FB, Google+ etc, or it wants me to create an account, or it says, darn nothing to see try later.
Now new is when it’s playing nice and displaying notifications, I want to “Like” a reply, it wants me to login or just doesn’t react, same with reply only on the opened notification window (half page)…
I don’t know why, but I think disqus is stupid… I will never create an account that I don’t need. I would like to know if Viki is aware of this challenge? I shall ask them… but first making all the funny screenshots.

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it is a bug. this happened to me starting yesterday.

Yeah, as if I’d ever use the same Disqus account on Viki (Oppa is HOT!!!1), on news websites and on academic portals.:scream:

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Some times there is a message that I’m replying in a sandbox page and that my message won’t appear out of that page.
I didn’t know that it does appear on the original page.

The confusing thing is that Disqus behaviour is not consistent. Sometimes things happen, sometimes they don’t.

@christina_ have you seen this yet, I guess they heard us, a new change to use the editor…
I haven’t tried to see if it’s indeed working.


Uh oh… There goes my weekend!

Good news :slight_smile: