Profiles & Cover Pages: The Older HTML Codes Are Baaack!

VIKI ROCKS!!! :sparkles::gift::sparkles::fireworks:

We were all a mess when our profile pages became a mess last October (at least I know I was)! Many of us had spent several hours on the design of our pages, yet all that work had gone down the drain, and we could not fix it.

Viki disabled several features allowing for the formatting and editing of cover/profile pages after a security breach, which could have potentially availed to unauthorized third parties the account information of the profiles containing vulnerable HTML codes within the editor.

The issue has now been fixed, and all the older formatting features are back and functioning well within the editor, so you can fix your profiles, and embellish them once again.

Many many thanks to the team at Viki, which took care of this issue.

Love you guys!


omg is this true, I have to try it to see if it works.
Thanks for the heads up info and clarifying what the issue with the editor was, juhui!!

Okay… I’m really bad at this html and coding stuff. I started volunteering Aug. 2015, but I didn’t seem to find a change in the cover pages. What changed?

I don’t understand much of the html coding either but even the in the dashboard functions like size of fonts, background color, highlight etc didn’t work since viki’s profile change, even downsizing the in editor picture didn’t work… I tried even the flag counter code but it would just write the sentense out instead of the counter…
Honestly, I wished there would be some simple instruction sheet how to apply what codes for what task, I used once a color code but nothing changed… where do people learn this coding stuff??
I guess google will show some links for “how to”??

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Yes, it is true, and you are welcome! :heart_eyes:

This is concerning the About Me section on our profile pages. Many of the features (text alignment, picture sizing, text colouring, etc.) allowing for the formatting of the pages were disabled within the editor last October due to a security breach, and much of the design/formatting work done on our pages prior to that time was lost.

You do not need to know HTML to design/format/edit your profile page, you can just make use of the user-friendly editor available for the customization of the About Me section.

If you did not notice any changes on the About Me section of your profile, then your profile must have not been affected. At any rate, there is nothing to worry about. Just know that if ever you decide to customize/embellish your profile, all the features in the editor are now working.

There is no need for you to learn any coding, as all the features within the editor are now working fine.

Yeah!!! :relaxed:


thanks for the clarification, I was able to downsize a picture that got blown up with the new profile about me and I could not downsize it, just like the fonts would not respond. Now they do, I know I can use the editor features, but the page/background color icon isn’t there anymore and if I were to make one would an html code then work, just like a flag counter in code, should that now work as well or how do I do it?

The “about me” part doesn’t appear on the mobile app, or it’s just me?

Hello Christina!

No, the About Me section does not appear in the Viki app. All you can access in the app under the Profile tab are your:

  • Watch History;
  • Your Reviews;
  • The Dramas/Films Followed;
  • And Your Collections, if you have any.

The only way to view the About Me section on a mobile is to log into your account within a browser instead of the Viki app.

Hope that helps.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: !

No worries! Glad to hear that you were able to resize your pictures, change and colour the fonts successfully.

Well, the feature/button for the Background Colour is still within the editor (right next to the Text Colour button), and is working properly; you will just have to use it to change your page’s background colour to the one you now desire. There is no need for an HTML code for this to take effect.

And yes, flag counter codes are now working as well; so if you find a good one online, you can just copy and paste it within The Source code of your page for it to appear.

If you go to the About Me section on my profile WeliWelo’s Profile Page, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the flag counter, you will be directed to the page on which you can create your own free flag counter and customize it. Once you are done, just copy and paste the code of the newly created counter within the source of your About Me section page.

Good luck :slight_smile: !

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Thank you for all the tips, I used a link from what majority of folks use on viki but back then the flag counter code didn’t work… The background color is like a highlight color on writen text, I was looking for the entire page like wallpaer in color so it’s background page color not text only. I don’t see the feature.

You have a cool profile! :slight_smile::+1:

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Thank you for all the tips, I used a link from what majority of folks use on viki but back then the flag counter code didn’t work.
You are welcome! Glad I could be of some help.

The background color is like a highlight color on writen text, I was looking for the entire page like wallpaer
Yes I just checked that, and you were perfectly correct; there is apparently no button for the page background colouring. I cannot recall whether there used to be one, because it is a feature which I have never used before. So your only alternative at this point is an HTML code. You can do a google search for samples of HTML codes on setting the colour of a page’s background.

Thanks for your kind words re: my profile; it is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Can anybody tell/write me the coding for the cover page background color, Im not talking about the “color code” but that language that the viki will understand in the < source > page, I tried all forms I found on internet and it’s pretty confusing where to start since some are mixed with css codes, for example:

< html >
< head >
< body bgcolor=“cc99ff” >
< head >
I added space before and after < > so it would show in this text!

nothing or no color will show when I type this in after clicking < source > and then click back on < source >.
I tried with the header codes < h1 >…< h1 > and that works just no background color…
this is sooo depressing…
All I need is to add background color… I looked up another cv in < source > and see < div >…
Thanks for your help! :tulip:

Hello, @simi11 I do not know if I understood your problem, but if I put : < div style=“border:4px solid#ff0000; border-radius: 15px; background-color:#ffa07a” > in source, I obtain a orange background
(I added space before and after < > )

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Hi kobolt, it works only for a border container, I need the background color for entire page instead of white another color…

I come back, I have to leave now, desolee :rose:

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I never remember codes, but you can make the box taller by tapping “Enter” at will inside the orange/red box?

Details (if might help):
We want to put a text inside a box for example “Lalala”:
1.Select what you want to put in a box = in a DIV

2.Click on the button DIV (inside red circle)
3.Go on Advanced, Style > Copy paste your code: border:4px solid#ff0000; border-radius: 15px; background-color:#ffa07a;
Don’t forget ; between each properties values and at the end of the code (border:value; border-radius:value; etc… :wink:

4.To make the box taller:
-Tap Enter as many times as you want
-Or Right click in the box you just created > Edit DIV > Style > Add height: 10000px;
-You can add more height to your box by choosing 100px or 1000px, etc.

5.If you want just a simple background without border:
Right click in the box you just created > Edit DIV > Style > Write only this: background-color:#ffa07a; height:10000px;

6.Possible to adapt to the cover size, instead of putting a number as value, put auto in Style: height: auto;


Ok Piranna, this I have to study and experiment, thank you so much for all the info, merci beaucoup !! :bouquet:

I tried to reproduce what you posted, the issue I have is with the DIV Container, every time I click on OK the green button nothing happens just on the left on bottom of my pc it says javascript: void (0) so I can’t fill any info in the DIV Advanced container.
I tried in < source > to add the background size and that worked but when I wanted type text it kept on jumping like 3 lines down and creating new DIV orange boxes. Also right click in the orange box produced only “Paste” box. not enlarging.
I’m on Opera browser, perhaps that’s the issue?

I just changed in the < source > just the background color coding leaving the border coding completely out and it worked!!
After that the right click worked, Im puzzled perhaps a viki bug anyway, I don’t know I just played around and
made a page, just too bad it doesn’t have more Font choices.
I will copy/paste the coding I have now for later and will need to find more colors.

Merci beaucoup, vraiment!! Ca m’a aide beaucoup!! The coding here to start with is nothing like on the internet… that’s why I had a problem, but how others know all this, is it through error and trial?

  • here is the coding for the background page, the height is just 1600 one can always make it bigger or smaller with just changing the number, I add space after and before < > so it can be read:

< div style=“background-color:#ffa07a; height:1600px;” >

  • here is the link to the cover page I made, it’s in German, to view just change on Viki page in the gray bottom zone to “Content: Deutsch” and go to the link…

I hope others can profit from this information, I wished there would be just a video “How to start a CP in the Viki Editor”, something that we do not have yet like the “Subbing Introduction Tutorial”.


A simple bg color code using the html color code of the color of your choice (for entire page or as defined):
< div style=“background-color: #000000; width: 700px; height: 800px;”>

To change the color, just change the color code which must always be #123456 (hex six digits, for html color code)

You can also use a color image as a background color. The color example here is black.

A simple bg color code using the url of a bg color image:
< div style=“background-image: url(; width: 700px; height: 800px;”>

To adjust the size of the ‘bg color or image’, change the value for the width or the height. Or both, depending on what you need. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

PS: I added a space after < and before div style.


oh, while I was crafting the page you left a memo, lol, I know with the picture sizing, and I have used only height I guess as the page is already set to a width it doesn’t matter… Now that’s pretty much what I needed… but you’ve added the version with an image, that I will try next time!!
Thank you!! :rose:

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