Somebody please help me!

I’ve brought the Viki Global TV Pass 3 Month thing for about $11 - $12 to watch videos that is not for my region but now that I try to watch ‘The Heirs’ it still says ‘Sorry, this video is not in your region’. What’s going on please someone help me. I’m also on the $3.99 plan for no ads and HD Viewing and that works but the Global TV thing doesn’t. Please Help Me!!!

Try logout and login again

I’ve tried many time but it still doesn’t work. Is there a way to contact Viki?

Yes you can contact them in the Help Center via this link :

I hope your problem will get fixed

As far as I’m aware, Viki Pass doesn’t grant you access to shows you didn’t have access to prior (unless this has changed?) - it’s a regional licensing thing… If your country didn’t have access before, it won’t suddenly have it now.

Viki Pass is more about getting rid of ads and watching in HD if available.

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Hello, scircus’ comment is correct - Viki Pass is only for removing ads and upgrading video quality to HD. It will not open shows that are not available in your region.

To watch Heirs, you should consider writing subtitles and becoming a QC: