Someone here watching the Youtuber JRE?

Hi, I just wanted to know if some people in here would know and watch the Youtuber JREKML (Just random every day kpop music lover) ? If yes than just talk about it (I don’t know what to write actually^^) and if not than what is your first impression after watching the video I posted that he made?

For them who don’t know who JRE is

JRE (Just Random Everyday) is a half Jamaican, half Filippino Youtubr from the USA. He sometimes, but not that often, makes videos with his cousin KML (KPop Musik Lover) together (She is a big fan of VIXX).

JRE started to make Youtube-videos in 2012 and has over 1 million subscribers. The main part on his chanel is reaction-videos to KPop-MVs.

He is known by many KPopers who reacted to him, wich means in general: JRE is reacting to a video of Kpopers who react to a video where he reacts to their MV

And than there is the fact that Taeyang is a subscriber of JRE and watches his videos…

JRE is even a friend to the members of K.A.R.D and Jae from Day6 and some other KPopers and met a lot of Kpopers in person.

JRE is even a friend with some Youtubers who live in Korea like TerryTV or Megan Bowen.

So what do you have to say about him?

I am writing here only because I have a question.
If he’s a youtuber, and if his videos are in English, why on earth watch him on viki and not on youtube, which is his natural habitat?

@irmar if you don’t know besides is videos, he once worked together with Viki… (It’s a short series of like 6 episodes where he helped a girl to film her first MV with that she wanted to audition at Cube Entertainment… ^^)

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