Someone please explain Love Me If You Dare


Am I so OB💜VIOUS! Boy - you guys!


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Naah, if you really want to watch some good psycho stuff, watch Flower of Evil or He is Psychometric. I rate them higher than this cdrama.
Especially Flower of Evil, it’s kinda similar in that the MLs are both tortured souls and accused of murder and being psychopaths. However, I think Flower of Evil managed to connect better with the audience; I was so emotionally involved with that drama. Couldn’t decide whether to trust him or not, the father-daughter relationship that had me crying…and the way they mixed love and crime…it was amazing.

I really didn’t like all those wide angle shots in Love Me If You Dare.

Me too! He virtually disappeared towards the end…I thought he’d have a bigger part since they specifically shipped him to the US but I was disappointed. Was waiting for him to start roasting people again :flushed: I guess they shipped him only for that scene where he shields ML and automatically drives him to the doctor’s house.
The way they shot that scene though…with the close-up of the Audi logo, the headlights turning on, dials lighting up and the engine revving…now THAT’S product placement done right! It was one of the coolest scenes in the entire drama :joy: I was all “ANDYYYY MY HEROOO where have you been all my life??!”
what have I come to, fangirling over a car :see_no_evil::clown_face: @kdrama2020ali and you think you’re the craziest :joy:


I have no idea what is going on! But I am pretty crazy! hahahahahahaha!


The Andy I was talking about is a car :joy:


well I knew that one!!


That drama sounds like a real


lol I never noticed this much because that’s how lots of us converse. Most of the people around me are bi or trilingual and though I understand them I can’t speak some languages well so we converse in whatever language we’re comfortable with :joy: