Someone please explain Love Me If You Dare


okay what happened when Simon shot Jian Yao point blank? And she was wearing the same clothes. I think they said they had prerecorded a video, but how come Jian Yao(the FL) didn’t know about it? She seemed so surprised to find out! How did they simulate her death without her knowledge?
And how did they manage to make the villain watch the whole video like that? That whole ‘plan’ was pretty weird and sketchy.
Or I just am a girl of too little brain, lol.

I think everything went wack the second they went to America. I wanted a lot more screen time for Andy and Chen Mo. Those two were my favourite characters :joy:


I have to say the drama wasn’t meant for me. So many were praising it, that I thought okay why not try.
All I got was wait you will see.
I waited until the end, the drama never got me.
To me, it is a big bag full of “claptrap”, I watched it once, and I am sure I will never look back.
Please take it as my own view on the drama, I know there are a lot out there who love this drama wholeheartedly, it’s not the case for me.


scary huh? just a reminder its supposed to be a psycho type drama, what about the mouse, what about these other one’s
signal. beyond evil, medical examiner, your secret. flower of evil, he has psycho metric, not sure of that title, but the one he touches someone and can read their thoughts, even our favorite, taxi driver, GAP DONG!!, awesome drama there but still weird, the signal was supposed to be something like that.

this one you mentioned, was scary, didn’t kbnow what to believe and so on, and the very ending, his strange, weird smile, scary & goosebumps, yes not to watch alone!


hmm…I enjoyed it when it was the three of them solving mysteries and crimes. When it started to become about the ML and they went to the US and suddenly made the FL get caught and become this complete weakling, I lost interest. I can’t blame her for becoming ‘weak’, she was put through enough, but I really just detested the episodes where everyone else is everywhere running and solving mysteries and she hardly gets screen time.

Do you remember enough about it to explain that thing to me?


No, sorry, “files completely deleted from hard drive”, well not completely but only bones and fish left. :wink:


LOL I think I’ll do the same…leaving Andy the Audi and Chen Mo the turtle in, they’re legendary characters :joy::joy:


I also had great expectations and even though some parts of the drama were great, others were… ehh. I’ve also forgotten that plot :laughing:


I had the TCs on almost the whole time so I wouldn’t get scared :joy: I love the TCs, they lighten every situation and help me feel less alone.



When I don’t understand a drama (or don’t care to watch all episodes) I go to reviews, and read the ones that says; spoiler/ click to read. Those are a dead giveaway that they said too much about the drama. I also go to comments, and if I see those gray lines/blurred comments, I open it to see what they wrote, and basically I usually find the answer I was looking for. You never know until you try.


This is one of my favorite dramas, and I love how the comment section is obsessed with Chen Mo & Andy.

Ok, it’s been at least 6 months since I watched it but I’m pretty sure I remember this right…

The woman in the recording wasn’t Jian Yao. They pre recorded it with a double so they could patch that into the live feed. They needed time to get her out before the building blows up.


She didn’t know about the plan, but I reckon Simon could have signalled to her that he wasn’t Allen when he said he still “hadn’t tasted her” and kissed her, she said earlier in the drama that he had a “tell” in the way he finishes his kisses. Just before he shoots her he said, “baby, don’t be scared, it will all be over soon” not something a psycho killer would say! She’s supposed to be big brained enough to read the tiny signals.
Of course the viewer didn’t know either as it was a big bait and switch.
Although it was a BIG stretch (and quite messy) at the reveal and the intro of Hang Yu Meng, Zi Yu’s assistant, who said she made the recording, maybe we’re supposed to assume she’s a s**t hot special effect wiz as Zi Yu is a computer wiz and between the two of them pulled off the CCTV thing.


Wow what on earth :flushed: So done with that drama.


Ok, @ninjas_with_onions explained it so much better. :slight_smile:


Only because I just watched that episode an hour ago. :grin:



I knew it, but didn’t mentioned it bc Asian writers are different when writing dramas so I had my doubts they would be so creative for once. We also have a lot of movies like that, and even in real life where the wife wants to kill the husband and the husband himself or a double wearing the victim’s outfit, make believe they were killed; by staging his death. The wife makes a sorry a*s scene crying, and then the husband comes out alive; driving the wife completely bonkers bc she knows she’s going to rot in jail.

I figured that’s why she had the same clothes too bc is very easy to get same outfit she had used before. Even here in US they have those same scenes in movies/dramas, that you already know what comes next, and even finish/ start sentences the actor was going to say in the scene, and that’s when it gets boring to watch these repetitive scenes in movies/dramas.

I’m glad vivi got that part cleared.


I wouldn’t exactly call the drama repetitive or predictable, but it got tiring. Like I was just DONE with the shooting and the psychopaths. The writers would just suddenly shock us by getting someone shot. That’s what I hate about Asian drama characters going to America. It’s an excuse to have guns brought out.

lol now I feel guilty for making @ninjas_with_onions feel like watching it :flushed::joy:

This is exactly why I like the drama :joy::joy: Any time things got too heavy for me to handle, someone would say something funny and I’d start cracking up.


That’s what I hate about Asian drama characters going to America. It’s an excuse to have guns brought out.

I’ll never forget back in 2012 when I watched BIG that the SML mother dies in the ‘‘states’’ by an African American guy during a hold up/robbery, and I was taken aback by that. So I was saying to myself; if A korean mother dies in SK, they die of a disease or a car accident, but if they are in USA MOST likely; they’ll die from getting shot and killed during a robbery. There are no white truck of doom or disease they can die from in USA like in Korea bc ppl from SK in USA, die by a gun. I thought i was the only one that felt that way. lol


ok y’all you are tempting me to watch it again!! along with “your secret” psychomom, is me, so I guess I will get more psycho today! hehehehehe, um along with the genealogy research? yeah


I think if they died in a car accident in the US, there’s really no point of them being in the US. And the White Truck of Doom is native to SK ONLY. :joy: Every time a writer wants guns, they go to the US. Everything else happens in SK.


No worries, I’m very tolerant of dramas and nothing phases me, there are no bad dramas in my world!

The parts up to the flower cannibal story arc was good enough to carry the show for the weak last 1/3.
The strong characterisation of the 3 leads and their interactions were excellent.
(the lovestruck younger sister just reminds me That’s @kdrama2020ali !:rofl::rofl::rofl:)
I thought that Andy would have featured more in the show given how much of a big deal they gave to his introduction(A.I. and a bulletproof car). Like using him to do some number crunching stuff to aid solving a crime.

It was inevitable that the show’s feel would change to a more serious mood once it wasn’t about solving other peoples cases and now focuses on the major case that directly affected them than the development of characters themselves.
The hospital shoot out was OTT in which everyone dies except the main characters who apparently can be shot multiple times and still survive!
All big explosion special effects were cheap and unrealistic they were funny.
All the westerners acting were so wooden. All the western actors spoke only English, all the Chinese actors only spoke Mandarin and yet throughout the whole show whenever there were conversation between a westerner and a Chinese person they spoke only their language and would have entire conversations in this manner and still understood each other just fine!

They did overuse bait and switch scenes in which they lead the viewer to believe one thing then in later scenes cancel it out with another scene.

Xun Ran dies in big factory explosion later on NOT REEEEEAAAAAAALLY!

Allen shoots Jian Yao later on NOT REEEEEAAAAAAALLY!
Big finale: hypnotised FBI sleeper shoots everyone, LITERALLY bodies piled upon bodies the very next scene (not even later on) NOT REEEEEAAAAAAALLY!
Once you might get away with but three times will leave viewers confused, cheated and angry. :no_good_man::no_good_woman:
Totally different to plot twists which relies on reveals to progress the drama and doesn’t require any resetting on the part of the viewers. Like the reveal of each level of the mastermind behind the mastermind behind the mastermind, none of which invalidated something that happened to the previous “mastermind” just that they were not the ultimate baddie.

And in the end I get to play movie critic out of it, so I guess that also a positive? :tipping_hand_man: