Someone with less than 100 subtitles/segments is a QC?

I was wondering how they got the QC in the first place; they have less than 100 segments and subtitles combined, they haven’t graduated from NSSA (I think you get a temporary QC for graduating it), and they’re not a Viki staff member.

I’m not jealous or anything at all, it’s just that Viki requires the applicant to have 3,000 subtitles or 2,000 segments, however, this person isn’t even close to meeting either of those requirements.

Students that have graduated from the Sandbox receive temporary QC status to make sure they can access videos used in the 5 levels of the Academy that follow. Typical combined count for someone who had zero before Sandbox graduation would be around 100 afterward.


Viki has also made a few exceptions to the QC rule for special circumstances in the past. There are some volunteers who are very active on Viki outside of segmenting and subtitling (e.g., managing, moderating), so those volunteers were awarded QC status for their continuous hard work.


This person isn’t on the Sandbox graduates list, but I’m not sure if the list is updated anyways.

It makes a lot of sense; thanks for replying. :slight_smile:

What is “Sandbox”? What students get QC?


I had temp QC. When does the 1000 count start post-QC?

Thank you that’s very helpful! I didn’t know about the academy.

By the way, to obtain the QC how can i “be nominated by the moderator or channel manager”? Do i need any official confirmation from a person? Does he/she need to send any message to viki? Should i ask someone before applying? How does it work? Thank you.

Someone can send Viki a recommendation for someone when you don’t meet the requirements to apply for QC yourself. Personally I don’t do recommendations for anyone unless I think a person really deserves it and works hard (like editors I work with who do countless work without it’s being recorded as sub/seg count). I once had a total stranger asking me if I could write viki for him/her, I refused.

I also saw some QC with barely 300 subs once, was not in the NSSA program and was rather new on Viki, I found it so strange, to bad I don’t remember the name but I wonder why Viki granted that person a QC status because I believe they do check if the recommendation is fair.

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“Someone can send Viki a recommendation for someone when you don’t meet the requirements to apply for QC yourself.” - so does it mean it’s enough if a person just have 3000 subtit. or 1000segm.? The recommendation is not actually needed? I’m a bit confused since the rull of 3000subs/1000seg. is the main one.
Thank you for help.

As far as I know you don’t need it if you meet the minimum requirements but they do check if your segs/subs are good and sometimes they take away your QC status again if it turns out you stole subs, added fake subs to raise your sub count etc.

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Thank you for explanation.
All these bad things you’ve mentioned are not in my style.