Song joong ki overload!

When was the last time, Song Joong Ki had a fan meeting?? 2016? 2017? after DOTS and he’s with Song Hye Kyo. If I’m right, Park Bo Gum, Lee Kwang Soo & Lee Jun Ho (2PM) were there. Even Jo In Sung made a special vid appearance then Song Hye Kyo appeared.

I’m excited! According to this article, (Source: Song Joong-ki to meet fans worldwide through live YouTube event) he wants to do a fan meeting, as he feels regretful about not being able to see his fans personally because of the current health situation. Aww dont be regretful, we’re here to support you! :heart: No need for subs, only his pretty face hihi

But before that! Let’s take a look how Song Joong Ki Punishes 2PM’s Taecyeon Without Mercy In “Vincenzo”. Can’t wait for the finale!!!

Also found out that Na Young Suk PD’s next group he will be visiting in his business trip is the Vincenzo cast!!! Just checked the preview and its hilarious!! :Megalol:

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