Soompi's Quizzes are Hilarious


Ditto for me! Based on the cover photo for the quiz, I never even expected that Junho would be one of the options, so what a pleasant surprise to see that my guy would be hanging out with me on Valentineโ€™s Day. :heart_eyes::heartpulse: Canโ€™t fight destiny. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



It seems Junhoโ€™s Valentineโ€™s Day schedule is also very packed :rofl: I got him too :blush: :star_struck:


A Disney-Kpop collab quiz! :laughing:

My result

I dont think its very accurateโ€ฆ im not an introvert at all :sweat_smile:


You got Isabela Madrigal!



Today I felt like doing this quiz, and of all people, look who I got! :stuck_out_tongue: :joy: :smile: :slight_smile: :ok_woman:t5:โ€โ™€ :woman_shrugging:t5: :woman_facepalming:t5: :ok_woman:t5:โ€โ™€ :star_struck: :partying_face: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Is it because I entered the quiz link from his profile on Viki? :thinking: See the reason for my range of emotions below the result! :wink::point_down:t5: Also, I wish they had more to choose from, in terms of, an older age range of actors. :smirk:


Which quiz is that?!! I LOVE DENG LUNNNNNN


Check this link, they are under News below his profile.


I really thought Iโ€™d get my girl Shin Ha Ri because I feel like she makes the exact same choices i would when we land up in different situations. However, according to the all-knowing mysterious Soompi powers, Iโ€™m

Took it again and got


Sorry, @vivi_1485, I got your girl.


You are like Jin Ha Kyung from โ€œForecasting Love and Weatherโ€! makes me younger too


Awwwww wish we could be BFFs :heart_eyes::joy:


New one!
I got Sejeongie!! Love her
And yes, the description is very accurate


You are Park Min Young!

You love rom-coms, and your life reflects it. Youโ€™re a romantic at heart and appreciate the love in life. You are most likely patiently waiting for your soulmate or the perfect on


Not bad :laughing:


Iโ€™m like an onion - I have layers. hehe



Hahaah I can also find myself in this one, as is the case with a lot of Soompi stuff XD


ahh one of my favorite actresses! :heart_eyes:


After reading all the descriptions that everyone has gotten so far, I actually see myself in all of them. :smile:


@sweetybirdtoo Soompi made a quiz just for you.

QUIZ: Which Park Hyung Sik K-Drama Character Should Be Your Boyfriend? | Soompi


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