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QUIZ: Which Park Hyung Sik K-Drama Character Should Be Your Boyfriend? | Soompi


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So True, just for me!!! I think I got Ji Dwi because I picked the Hwarang OST as the song. LOL



Just think, you could be a princess (even though we know the actual life of a royal is no bed of roses).


He would have been my choice in Hwarang, but in reality his mom would be a deal breaker. No chance I’m putting up with a MIL like that. But as a fictional BF I down for it.


You got Ji Dwi from “Hwarang”!



Mine! They’re all mine.

Oh, I’ll add some Red Dwarf to this…


Got him at first even though I picked a Standing Egg song… changed up my preferences a little and got

Absolutely not. I do not trust my intellect at all 🥲


oh dear. I’m almost done with my finals, and took this quiz -
Tell Us Your Favorite 2022 K-Pop Releases And We’ll Predict How Your Final Exams Will Go
well thank for that! I’m worried out of my mind now!


I took this quiz earlier today, even though my school days are long behind me. I got the same answer - either I’d ace my exams or fail. Interestingly, I was always a mostly A student. However, I have a tendency to procrastinate, and I have long believed that if I had been a student during the internet years, I would have failed school miserably because the internet is the greatest enemy of procrastinators.


well looks like I got straight A’s


You keep surprising me with how similar we are :sweat_smile: I managed to get As throughout my school years, and now we dont have grades, but i stayed afloat. Im just scared about these finals and my upcoming exam because i am Queen of procrastinators and my laptop doenst help ONE BIT.


Here’s another interesting one!
Pick Your Favorite Kdramas and We’ll Tell You What Genre Your Life Is | Soompi

Oh, how I wish it was a romcom! :see_no_evil: But nope, I got total comedy, because, well… that really is my life in a nutshell - sometimes it’s dry and sarcastic, sometimes it’s outright hilarious, and sometimes it requires a response of sad laughter - as long as I can make someone else laugh a little!



I do agree with the “sometimes you think they should make a drama out of your life” :laughing:.
I have too many stories.


My favorite genre :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I agree! :smile: