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QUIZ: Which Park Hyung Sik K-Drama Character Should Be Your Boyfriend? | Soompi


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So True, just for me!!! I think I got Ji Dwi because I picked the Hwarang OST as the song. LOL



Just think, you could be a princess (even though we know the actual life of a royal is no bed of roses).


He would have been my choice in Hwarang, but in reality his mom would be a deal breaker. No chance I’m putting up with a MIL like that. But as a fictional BF I down for it.


You got Ji Dwi from “Hwarang”!



Mine! They’re all mine.

Oh, I’ll add some Red Dwarf to this…


Got him at first even though I picked a Standing Egg song… changed up my preferences a little and got

Absolutely not. I do not trust my intellect at all 🥲


oh dear. I’m almost done with my finals, and took this quiz -
Tell Us Your Favorite 2022 K-Pop Releases And We’ll Predict How Your Final Exams Will Go
well thank for that! I’m worried out of my mind now!


I took this quiz earlier today, even though my school days are long behind me. I got the same answer - either I’d ace my exams or fail. Interestingly, I was always a mostly A student. However, I have a tendency to procrastinate, and I have long believed that if I had been a student during the internet years, I would have failed school miserably because the internet is the greatest enemy of procrastinators.


well looks like I got straight A’s


You keep surprising me with how similar we are :sweat_smile: I managed to get As throughout my school years, and now we dont have grades, but i stayed afloat. Im just scared about these finals and my upcoming exam because i am Queen of procrastinators and my laptop doenst help ONE BIT.


Here’s another interesting one!
Pick Your Favorite Kdramas and We’ll Tell You What Genre Your Life Is | Soompi

Oh, how I wish it was a romcom! :see_no_evil: But nope, I got total comedy, because, well… that really is my life in a nutshell - sometimes it’s dry and sarcastic, sometimes it’s outright hilarious, and sometimes it requires a response of sad laughter - as long as I can make someone else laugh a little!



I do agree with the “sometimes you think they should make a drama out of your life” :laughing:.
I have too many stories.


My favorite genre :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I agree! :smile:


As if my preferences in actors could really predict my MBTI. Nope.

Strangely, I know that most, if not all, of the actors I chose are, in fact, introverts, so how did they arrive at me being an extrovert? Which I am not. At all. Not even one cell in my body.

QUIZ: Can We Guess Your MBTI Based On Your Favorite K-Drama Actors? | Soompi



Finished a drama at 1 am, heard the alarm this morning and “killed” it to finally wake up at 11 am, but slept really good for a change …

You are an ISTJ!


You’re introverted, practical, reliable, and a leader.

Your life is a romantic comedy!

Your life is full of romantic tales. You have stories to tell people about your adventures of finding true love all the time! The events, the confessions, the breakups, and makeups - the stories are endless. You’re a lover who loves love!

Far from it LOL more melo …


You are an ISFP!

You’re introverted, artistic, charming, and an explorer.

tough decisions for sure! and yes introverted, yeah I do like to explore, um note, genealogy for one, hehehehehe


They probably decided that opposites attract :joy:

on another note ARE YOU KIDDING ME how am I supposed to choose ONE actor out of all these amazing guys?! :sob::sob:


You are an ISTJ!

LOL they got only one letter correct - the S(Observant)

This is what my MBTI actually is supposed to be :joy:

But apparently I’m most compatible with ISTJs, so they’re partially correct :joy::joy: