Soompi's Quizzes are Hilarious


LOL Love Cell, hello!


Hahaha the descriptions are quite amusing, very wrong, but amusing :laughing:


Your primary cell is the LOVE cell!

Result Image

You love everything related to love. This includes hearing stories about it, reading about it, watching movies and dramas about it – everything about love makes you happy. You long for happily ever afters and are the goalkeeper of your heart. You try to be optimistic.

This is TRUE


It couldn’t be more accurate for me. I’ve said it before, but I’m addicted to watching people fall in love. What a weird addiction to have, right?


I’m addicted to a Hottie falling in love and pretending it’s ME!!! BAhaahahahahahahaha!





Wink Wink :wink:


You got Kim Rae Wan from “You Drive Me Crazy”!

Kim Rae Wan is your dream guy. He’s sweet, caring, funny, and loyal to the core. Dating Rae Wan would be like dating your best friend, which is pretty perfect, isn’t it?

This sounds like KSH - as himself!!!


I feel like this describes me MUCH better than the Fashion Cell result that I got :joy::joy: I look for romance in everything, and I do try to be optimistic. And woe unto the writer who gives me a not-so-happily ever after! :rage::sob::sob::sob:


Hahaha then super surprising that you didn’t get that result :sweat_smile:


new random quiz :joy:
Which Korean Actor will give You Pepero on Pepero Day?
@kdrama2020ali I’m sorry, but Soompi is INSISTING that I steal your man :joy:

I mean, I’m not complaining… I’m just kinda scared of the Supreme Dictator. Junho, SAVE ME!


Oh look, I got the same. Maybe there is power in numbers to protect us from Supreme Dictator. :joy:


How do you copy the results like that?

I’m safe! :laughing:

And since when is DOTS a classic? :see_no_evil:


Ahn Bo Hyun, me too


If you have a windows PC, it’s Win + Shift + S and the Snip and Sketch window opens. Then you have to drag and make a rectangle around the part of the page you want to cut. Then you can press Ctrl + V here and it gets copied!


Merci beaucoup :heart:

The discobrat is scolding me now :laughing:


You got Rowoon!

Sigh. What’s not to like about Rowoon? He’s as tall as the tallest tree, and he’s got the deepest set of eyes that your soul can get lost in. Also, have you heard him sing? Once he serenades you, you’ll fall so hard – or is it too late? Rest assured, if he’s getting you Pepero, you two are basically meant to be.

****** I confess I never get Junho - I am an extrovert (and he is not) so whatever they use to get him I probably never pick - but you know OPPOSITIES attract - I still think he’s my man!!!


Welp he can sing to me anytime!!!


But I’m a certified extrovert! Guess it’s just soulmate things :smirk::wink:


I pretty much think it is the last question that gives you your guy - like the mint chocolate chip Pepero or the strawberry - and I am sure my picking Coffee Prince and Secret Garden as my classics have something to do with it - but do Soompi Quizzes really mean anything -

Fashion CELL - I don’t think so!!! bahahahahahaha!


Soompi quizzes give you the exclusive power of taking what you want and leaving what you don’t want :joy::joy: With this power, I declare that I am NOT a Fashion Cell, but Junho likes me :rofl: