Soompi's Quizzes are Hilarious


Shin Mi Na
Park Dan Ho from “The Tale Of Nokdu”


goo ja soon


I think it’s because they like it :rofl:
Got the same result


What is Your K-Drama Boyfriend Type?

I took it just now, and I got the CEO boyfriend type! :joy: What can I say, I love my cold, smart and adorable CEOs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Gonna do it a few more times because it was REALLY hard to choose some of those options!

Edit: Played it like five times and got the same result :joy:


Got myself a CEO boyfriend too! :joy:

LOL, I did it a second time and basically picked all different answers and still got the CEO!


I think there are only three options: The CEO bf, the popular guy bf and the supernatural bf :slightly_frowning_face: They used Crown Prince D.O in the thumbnail as clickbait? :sob::sob:


Guardian, Love from the stars and you are psychometric


I shouldn’t be surprised. A citizen of Atlantis needs a supernatural boyfriend! :smile:


:rofl::heart_eyes: yep!!!


Guess, what? Mary, got the same! But I am not from Atlantis, … Well, looking at the other choices, a supernatural bf doesn’t seem that bad.


well of course!!:heart_eyes:


I got CEO boyfriend of Course!!!

My bad boy all squishy!

It’s rigged!


I’m thinking the same thing! Just three options ain’t enough for all the different types of MLs in dramaland!


It didn’t let me pick my Dr. McHottie Sweet Buns so I’m OUT! :laughing:


Great, the song is already stuck in my head :rofl:

You got Hong Doo Shik from “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”!

Hong Doo Shik is not only the best catch ever, but he’s also your local handyman all balled into one. With his set of skills and ability to love, you’ve got yourself a 10/10 partner for life!


I really need to watch Two Cops… he seems EXACTLY my type! :smile::heart_eyes:
All right, Soompi isn’t TOTALLY useless :joy:


Your primary cell is the LOVE cell!

You love everything related to love. This includes hearing stories about it, reading about it, watching movies and dramas about it – everything about love makes you happy. You long for happily ever afters and are the goalkeeper of your heart. You try to be optimistic.

Really surprised it wasn’t something different :laughing:


Cute quiz. I also got the ‘love cell’ as my primary cell. :heart:


mine also is the love cell


I got the “Fashion” cell, though I have NO idea why :joy::joy: I did that quiz at least five times and still got the same thing!
I really don’t care very much about my clothes, especially in the past two years :joy: Haven’t had the chance to go shopping much, either!