Soompi's Quizzes are Hilarious


This is possible. I am actually an ISFP, whose natural partner supposedly is ESFJ or ENFJ.


I KNEW we were twins!! :joy::joy: the only difference in our MBTI types is Introvert/Extrovert!


It thinks I am an INFJ, it is actually INFP. So it’s a good guess

I GOT DYLAN WANG! :sob::sob::heart:
This time, I didn’t have to manipulate it at all - I did it only once and got the guy I love FAIR AND SQUARE :sob::heart: The description is also accurate - thank you, Soompi

@kdrama2020ali you can add him to my “Exclusively mine” list, please. I’m not sharing with anyone


I cannot complain one bit, and the description is incredibly accurate:


Soompi’s getting more scientifically accurate, I see :laughing::heart:


I guess I am not up- to par but who is

Deng Lun

I looked him up, ok so I have seen him in a couple of dramas, so I know who he is now. soompi is silly


Got the same one, I can’t remember him at all, but then again I probably only saw one of his dramas and I may have not finished that drama.


Deng Lun is my other cdrama crush lol… he was amazing in Ashes of Love wih Yang Zi. She was his first costar so AOL was like a reunion, so they were so comfortable with each other. The fiery chemistry compensated for some frustrating twists in the drama.


Soompi still a work in progress :laughing: