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As we all know, Sound of the Desert (Da Mo Yao) is the latest hit period Chinese drama. While we patiently wait for subs, why not discuss the drama? :wink: Who are your favorite characters? Have any favorite scenes/episodes/pictures? And of course the big question–who are you shipping?

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I started watching the drama recently and so far so good. The story is intriguing and i enjoy watching the twists and turns it takes and the dynamics between the characters the quickly changing relationship. Sadly i have a problem with this kind of dramas they tend to be too long for me and with time my interest with the plot just declines, things that were entertaining at the beginning start being annoying and i get bored of the whole thing. I hope that’s not gonna be the case this time around because i love the heroine, she is not some damsel in distress that can’t even tie her own shoes and knows only how to cry and wait to be saved, also thank god or more likely the writer that she’s not one of those too stupid to live characters, or that she isn’t doubling as a doormat like in so many other dramas, i am realy tired of that trend. For now i am looking forward to the new episodes waiting for them to accumulate so i could watch a couple at the same time. I also am fond of love triangles where the female respectively the male lead is first in love with one character but then for whatever reason her/his feelings change and he/she falls for some other character in the drama. In fact that’s probably the only love triangle i can stand, because i hate the ones where the person just can’t decide who does he wants to be with. Anyway i’ll just have to wait and see if the drama will be able to hold my interest till the end, keeping my fingers crossed. I realy like the scene where Jin Yu/Xin Yue asks Wei Wuji if he wants her handkerchief to whipe his drool and he answers her that he could hold it, laughed out loud at it.

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I’ve read this book this series is based on and the drama is following the book pretty close. The book is awesome and I loved the ending. Everyone stays true to character to the end. The love story is really beautiful. If the directors keep following the book like it’s been doing, it’s going to be a great series.


I did read the book series too. I’m so happy that they kept it the way it was but then again, just because I know what’s going to happen, I wasn’t as excited. I do enjoy watching it live.

Hello, I like it so much that assure you that my subconscious knows the songs though I can not sing, I do not know Chinese. I enjoy every episode, and I look forward to see in each new episode something of what we see in the songs of entry and exit. I am totally Wei Wu Ji’s team.

I was unhappy that Mo Xun/Jiu Ye kept pushing her away. Though, I know why he did that, just wished that she wouldn’t totally give up on him, especially after Jiu Ye finally regretted his actions and finally going to accept her. Ahh. I didn’t like Wu Ji as he is too pushy and arrogant. I cried alot during Jiu Ye’s scenes with her, as he was doing so much for her. Once, she and Wu Ji slept together, I gave up on her going back to Jiu Ye. I really wanted to know her real birth story. Wishing she was a princess :smiley: LOL
I did hope Wu Ji died, or I though, she will end up alone and going back to the wolf brother. Instead of them together with their kid, I wished it was her going back to the wolf brother and Wu Ji’s death, then years later, she and Jiu Ye will meet up together again. And of course, no kid.