South Korea has just defeated Germany 2-0 at the World Cup

I don’t even like football, but I love Kdrama as well as my flower boys, so I’m definitely happy that South Korea’ team proved to be so good on the field, facing such a tough opponent. Yay Korea :kr: !!


Well, I am German. I didn’t follow this WC like I did in the past, but just like our team South Korea can fly home, still they have a better result this time. Sweden and Mexico are in the next round.

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Yeah, a lot can happen. This is why I don’t like competitions in general. In this case, I’m just happy for Korea. I’m totally biased as a K-drama and K-pop fan.

the german team played shity, so it was no surprise in the end. korean did`not play well, but they take their chances and scored.
but many WC lost in the next championsship… so it was also no wonder xD

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Exactly why I don’t like competitions. I don’t get excited about winning, since there’s always a price to pay. I would rather do my own thing according to my own expectations. You may be riding the wave today, but tomorrow you might find yourself underneath it. No thank you. :sweat_smile:

Still, I am happy when others win. I am happy for their happiness, especially for South Korea. When I was ultra sad and depressed, I discovered Kdrama and Kpop, and everything wonderful about Korea. In the spirit of friendliness and drama addictiveness, I say everyone on Viki should celebrate the nice things they achieve.:tada::confetti_ball::fireworks: