Spams in Timed Comments


I’ve been wondering if I’m the only one facing this situation, or if others are in the same boat. I wanted to chat about something important that’s been on my mind.

Recently, I’ve really gotten into BL dramas, and I’ve always loved how the Timed Comments feature adds a whole new level of fun to the experience, and there is no single drama which I haven’t watched without the Timed Comments. There’s just something exciting about reading comments at specific moments in the show. But here’s the thing…

I’ve come across some really odd spammy Timed Comments lately. Like, people are dropping their social media profiles and phone numbers in there. It’s kind of bizarre, right?

I did try reporting one user to Viki, but I hit a little snag. You see, Viki doesn’t let us attach screenshots when we report someone, and the same goes for private messages to the Channel Manager or Moderators. So, I guess this is the next best place to share this.

Now, here’s why it’s important to me. I’ve realized that there are quite a few youngsters on Viki, maybe even some who are just 13 to 16 years old. Imagine them reading a Timed Comment with someone asking to be their friend, and there’s a phone number or social media profile there. It’s honestly pretty concerning. Some of these teens might just be curious and end up in really tough situations.

In our virtual lifestyle, as my mom aptly puts it, making friends in the physical world might not always be easy. This can lead some folks to seek connections online, and that’s where things get tricky. Sharing personal stuff with the wrong people, who might not have good intentions, can have serious consequences.

I think we all need to put a stop to this spamming in the Timed Comments. It’s important for us to make Viki a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone.





It’s the All Language Moderator’s job, but they might just be too busy with other stuff and didn’t check the Timed Comments. Honestly, I could never imagine those stuff would appear on Viki… but it eventually happened.
It’s really annoying to see those comments because I feel like Viki is no longer a safe place to hang around.


There’s nothing unsafe for you as a viewer, it’s just super-annoying. If anything, it’s foolish and unsafe for the person writing these things, to put their phone number and account name for everyone to see.

Moderators have always been lazy in cleaning Timed Comments, but now more than ever, because Viki has implemented an additional confirmation window for each deletion, which makes it three times as time-consuming to clean Timed Comments, especially on very popular shows, which are infested by spammy things like comments with date and location, unwanted references to boy groups, unsavory words, comments about the leads’ looks etc etc.


I suggest you tag the active moderators. Check this link. At least they can pass this information to the right person on a administrative level.


They are pre-advertisement lures. The phone equivalent is cold calling. Send the selected lines to moderators as viki staff have a delayed response. If the username is changed, between your report and someone looking at it, you still have the permanent user-id. It is easier to make report of multiple instances in the same video this way and you can search by the word in the comment and don’t have to remember the exact time.

After a few weeks, none can comment… Ohh snap! Mission accomplished.


That’s a link to the moderators of Discussions, mostly Viki staff.

Contacting the CM would be best. They can try to find the right person for a thorough clean-up :blush:


Exactly! The thread was opened here in discussions. Please read the entire post. :v:t5:

Added, contacting both moderators, and CMs can only but help address the situation. :wink:


You are right I use to have volunteers that were as young as 13 yrs. old here at viki (a long time ago though).

Sharing personal stuff with the wrong people, who might not have good intentions, can have serious consequences.
I think we all need to put a stop to this spamming in the Timed Comments. It’s important for us to make Viki a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone.

We see it in the news all the time; disgusting old man saying they are teenagers and when they meet with the other kid, they cause so much damage to these innocent child that are looking for a friend in all the wrong places.

It’s sad how this site is not the caring old viki it used to be bc I remember a long time ago I use to get spam message via PM and as soon as I reported them, within days those things were ALL taken care of, and it would never happen again (well, at least to me it stopped).

Thank you so much for caring and posting this as a TOPIC, and making them/here aware of what’s going on since I never open the time comments, so I wasn’t even aware this started to happen here again. I hope they realize how dangerous is for them not to work on that ASAP.


I dreadfully agree. I guess, Viki is only becoming another streaming platform where users would come, watch dramas and voila – good-bye. In my experience, Viki has been a place not only for drama-watching but also for forming genuine connections, especially through volunteering as a subtitler.I have formed some pretty legit connections here on Viki. I have always loved to read Timed Comments and I pretty start watching any drama after reading the Reviews for the drama. But, nowadays, most of the things are becoming spams. There are spams in the Timed Comments. There are spams in the Reviews of the dramas. There are the spams in the Comment Section of the celebrities. There are spam profiles here following others. I don’t know who are the people behind it, what is their intention and why they are doing that. But, it is really worrisome.

I can’t even imagine there was once a drama that I watched (I forgot the name) in which each and every Timed Comment filled was Date and Location. References to the Boy Groups have been an issue, but at least they are lower than others. Use of unsavory words is indeed worrisome. Viki has been implementing some censors; I guess Viki should implement censorship on swear words on Timed Comments too.

I hope that Viki would make it easier for the Moderators and Channel Managers to delete these spams.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll definitely consider reaching out to the active moderators to escalate this issue.

@ilikedeadclowns Thanks for sharing the video on how to report Timed Comments. I appreciate it! Honestly, this method is new to me, and I’m grateful for the guidance.

That’s so true. It’s seriously messed up how some people fake who they are online just to trap innocent young folks. It’s a scary world out there, and we definitely need to do our part to keep this place safe.


Not to mention the 10 or 11-year old kids who masquerade as adults to do stuff online. Those are not a threat to others, more to themselves I’d say.

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