Special abilities/talents

ok we have watched aomeone with special abilities like seeing smells, seeing ghosts, hearing voices, and a special ability to see things hapen in the future. now what about a person thats blind and her other senses top notch ,seeing, hearing, smelling tasting and touch? maybe a detective of sorts?? maybe she has a sidekick other than her dog, they work together as a team and all sounds good to me!

You mean like an Asian “Longstreet?”

yeah!!! I have been tryung to9 remember that name!! thank you, so why not an asian Longstreet?

We may be the only two here that do remember.

Well, I do not know “Longstreet”,
but I remember a drama from Taiwan, where the main lead was blind, but made the people around him believe he could see to remain his job as a ceo. Maybe you would like it.
Another one is Blade Man/Iron Man
actually I don’t think it is that bad after all, but I will be honest, after trying it the first time I dropped it right after episode 1. As I am not too much into fantasy and all the stuff about gamers, but once you get to the next episodes, it will be more about the why?

We can argue if this drama fits your question …
As it’s about the soul of a father, not ready to leave his loved ones behind and he finds a way to stay in possessing the body of a young man.

This one might fit, if you have not seen it yet

I think you already watched Mater’s Sun, right?
I won’t give you any time travel stories, vampires, aliens and such, 'cause it really is a totally different genre …

I haven’t watched that blade/ iron man man yet, just didn’t seem or sound good to me masters sun I have watched at least 3 times, the who are you, not the one you mentioned, but the detective that was in a coma x amount of years. and y’know isn’t it interesting when people are in a coma 2-6 years or so, they see “things” masters sun, she was 3 years and “who are you” 6 years or so, I am sure there were more. what was that one called, 49 days or something like that, but that was transferring bodies or something., a new leaf??? I think that one was called. not sure on that one. I think I am going to watch that someone like you, theres another like that one but don’t remember the name. and the other stuff you mentioned yeah different genre. But I have watched a bunch of them