Special video access QC members

So, I have been scrolling through the help centre pages to get a bit more info concerning Viki. In one of their Q&A of QC’s it is mentioned that one of the benefits of being a QC is special video access to titles like Viki Originals.
Is there a list for this special video acces? Or is it simply trial and error by searching series/movies you’re interested in? I can’t seem to find any other info concerning this :sweat_smile:


It’s more like, when you have QC you will be used to watching those titles and if you recommend them to someone without QC they will inform you that they aren’t able to watch it :sweat_smile:

One movie I can think of which is only available to QC’s, apart from other people in the US, is Seo Beok.

Sometimes when we need to know if volunteers subtitling a show really need to have a QC we either log out or I will open the page in an incognito window, there I can see if the show is available in my region.


QC access is primarily VikiPass access (Standard or Plus if you live in the Americas) plus Viki Originals plus some extras here and there.

VikiPassStandard and VikiPassPlus series are clearly marked by a banner on Viki’s main page, between the video snapshot and the title. While if it’s a Viki Original, it will have that written on the video snapshot itself.

And then there is the random extras which someofliz mentioned, where you just know you have access, but are unaware the others don’t.


Mainly it concerns stuff like movies that are often unavailable without QC and at least the Standard Pass. I don’t think there’s a list, though.


Thanks everyone! Seems like I just have to search for some of my favorites again to see if I can add them to my watchlist now (seeing as they also don’t always pop up in the explore list)


Go to the main “splash” page for Viki and choose “Explore.” Choose any region and acroll down a little - on the far right you will see Access – if you chose any of the levels, then a listing of the title requiring the standard, plus, or Watch Free.