Spiritwalker:Looking for OL

Hello, I am the CM for Spiritwalker. After a few bumps and thinking this movie was a lost cause, we were finally able to get it back on track.
If you are an OL and are interested, feel free to contact me.
We currently have:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Polish
  • Finnish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

What is CS, customer service :wink: ?

CS = Chief Segmenter


Sort of… :rofl:
Well, we do serve segments. :upside_down_face:


It might be a rude Q but what is a OL? I´m always interested in learning new thing. I know I cant apply as Im still a student in the academy but short versions of things is something I might need in the futur.

OL = Other Languages (so all languages except from English)
It’s for subbing teams, not segmenting


Thank you for explaning. :slight_smile:

Well I mean… Not far from the truth​:rofl::rofl:


So did you give up on finding a CS? :thinking:
I see you took the CS request out of this message, yet no one is added as CS or even segmenter…
In fact, I’m seeing someone with no segmenting experience whatsoever created her very first segments on this movie…


Oh, not good…

The one who created segments was most probably the previous CM.

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What is the difference in segmenting and subtitling?

Segmenting is creating “boxes” for dialogues/texts/songs in which you can write subtitles later.
Without segments, there’s no subtitle, but there can be segments without subtitles.
You have more informations here about all the roles: https://nssacademy.weebly.com/channel-roles-guide.html

Here is an example (in blue I circled the segment, in red the subtitle):
Without the “box” I circled in blue, the subtitle I circled in red wouldn’t be here.

When segmenting, you’re not forced knowing several languages. As long as you graduated from Ninja Segging Academy or Seg101, you can ask to be part of a team as segmenter (but Seg101 doesn’t exist anymore from what I know). When subtitling, you have to know at least two languages (the languages you’ll have to understand to be able to translate and the one in which you’ll be translating).


It’s actually one of the current OL mods…


No, I did not give up. Liv (livia_mcluz_910) took over as CS. I just haven’t added her to the team since I got off work late yesterday.

Regarding the segments touched, that was done without my knowledge or permission. As you all know, I am not the first CM. Fist CM was the one who added the team members, including said user. The only people I have added are the CS, the TE (thanks to one of the OL mods. who was able to add her since the CM couldn’t), the French mod, and the Italian mod.

I had already sent a message back in December to the whole team, but it was aimed at the same user, to not work on the subtitles before it was released. And I told the CM, but then again, she did not care.

After that being said, I’ll just make it clear that I would never let someone who has no experience touch the segments in my projects. Nor would I ever release something without first making sure that the segments are up to our standards. This movie was a special case.


I’m glad you found a good CS and I can imagine you fell into quite a mess by taking on this show. I wish you good luck with it and I know it is in good hands now. :blue_heart:


It can be said that I haven’t been able to get out of this mess since October-November​:see_no_evil::see_no_evil:, but hopefully we will get everything back on track and we will finally finish this project for good. Thank you for your kind words​:blue_heart:


After my question I looked it up. Interesting is an understatement. Much respect goes out to everyone involved!!!


Hello! Are you still looking for mods? I can do Hindi! :smile: