Spoilers on front page

I am not really sure if this belongs in here but I wanted to know if it’s only me:

I personally think that it’s great to see the dramas that are airing on the main page of viki (I mean the ones that show up the biggest/on the top) because I can see what else I could watch.
But when I read the texts they mostly spoil one of the later episodes and I don’t even feel like starting to watch the drama anymore…

Maybe I am super sensitive about that because I always remember details but I just wanted to know your opinion… I guess? : D

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I now what you mean. It’s the same for me. Sometimes even the picture shows something too much.

I just do not get why they even have to promote like this. I mean if I want to watch the Drama then I most likely won’t start with the last episode but still these promotional texts all go like “xxxxxx find out in this exciting series finale!”… O.O
And then I probabl won’t watch it because it spoilt the whole drama.