🐿️ Squirrel! ʘ‿ʘ You Call It, We Watch It!


On MDL - I have 20 waiting to be finished at least


He is in my bad boy collection GWI



As he should be. He is truly bad, not a bad boy with a heart, actually evil. But he plays it well.


The handsome bad boy you should hate but sometimes you actually love them



This show is so good. :smiley: From 5 to 9


This movie’s dynamics, is sorta like, many mini-stories, told in one go, real creative. :rofl:


I started this squirrel :chipmunk: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: already it’s hilarious. That fly 🪰 on the bald headed mourner :rofl:


This is EXCELLENT - So good!


That really was a squirrel moment, but it turned out really well! Great movie!


I was scrambling and pulled that out FAST


A movie, Squirrel :chipmunk: Stamp of approval, if you’ve watched :cherry_blossom: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, :cherry_blossom: now called Eternal Love
This was my second attempt watching the movie, because I was so loyal to the drama :joy: It’s really just as good as movie goes, at first I didn’t want to adjust. You’ll enjoy if you can transition from the drama, to the movie.


I wrapped up this squirrel :chipmunk:
The rapid way the Japanese talk, Oh! Wow!
This would be my second Japanese show, the first was a real life, edited documentary type.


OOH, this is high on my watchlist right now!


Mine too!!!


I noticed in the comments of the movie, ppl bad talk the movie, because they already watched the drama.
It does not matter if you watch the movie before the drama. You’ll either relax, and watch the details unfold in the drama, or ppl will sit on their high horse, and miss out on a good movie, just because they’ve already watched the drama.


It seems to be a good thing, but what does ‘squirrel’ mean in this thread? :eyes:


It’s a show you want others to watch, calling attention to an otherwise overlooked, or not likely to pick up show.
L :eye::eye:K below, I like @my_happy_place’s explanation too! :blush::blush::blush:


Ah, I see; thank you! :sparkles: @leerla73


I always took it as a reference to the Disney Pixar Movie called “Up” in which there is a dog who is constantly being distracted by squirrels. And therefore a ‘squirrel’ drama would be something that someone drew your attention to and distracted you from whatever drama you may have been in the middle of.



My favorite favorite gif - well besides

sorry @leerla73