🐿️ Squirrel! ʘ‿ʘ You Call It, We Watch It!


This topic is not regulated to any specific category, or title. It is an All Inclusive topic. So! Feel free to call :chipmunk: Squirrel :chipmunk: on what you think needs a :chipmunk: Squirrel’s Stamp :wink: :+1:t5:

So far I’ve watched two K-dramas below, right here on Viki, all because others called :chipmunk:Squirrel!! I thoroughly enjoyed both dramas as a result.

Don’t Underestimate when someone calls,
:chipmunk: Squirrel!!

More and more cigarette scenes in Korean dramas

My Problem in Life!!!


:star_struck: It started with you, @kdrama2020ali and @loveurself_melanin, calling squirrel on Coffee Prince, and more recently @midknightmoodz calling it on My Mister. Now I can’t wait to see what other nuggets I’ll discover.
This is where it begun, :wink: even though I had it on my watchlist for a good while. . .

Wow! I missed this thread somehow, wow!


100 Days My Prince

Long Ballad

My Fated Boy

I Order You

Your Honor

Falling for Innocence

Spring is Green

Scent of a Woman

Incurable Case of Love

Just Between Lovers

I have issues! But some I remember recently that did the - Squirrel thing for me! That I loved!

I have many so I won’t go crazy - I tried looking through my MDL!!!


No you don’t, if you do, we all do! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::hugs::wink:


Let’s just have Snacks and call it what it is - CRAY!


I’m off to wrap up watching My Mister


You and me both. Sometimes I’m surprised I ever finish a drama, I just started a new one again, even though I have 10+ already started. I think I just like to start dramas not finish them.

My current Squirrel, not because of a recent suggestion, but because of the cast.


5 to 9 - Total Squirrel from @porkypine90_261


On MDL - I have 20 waiting to be finished at least


He is in my bad boy collection GWI



As he should be. He is truly bad, not a bad boy with a heart, actually evil. But he plays it well.


The handsome bad boy you should hate but sometimes you actually love them



This show is so good. :smiley: From 5 to 9


This movie’s dynamics, is sorta like, many mini-stories, told in one go, real creative. :rofl:


I started this squirrel :chipmunk: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: already it’s hilarious. That fly 🪰 on the bald headed mourner :rofl:


This is EXCELLENT - So good!


That really was a squirrel moment, but it turned out really well! Great movie!


I was scrambling and pulled that out FAST


A movie, Squirrel :chipmunk: Stamp of approval, if you’ve watched :cherry_blossom: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, :cherry_blossom: now called Eternal Love
This was my second attempt watching the movie, because I was so loyal to the drama :joy: It’s really just as good as movie goes, at first I didn’t want to adjust. You’ll enjoy if you can transition from the drama, to the movie.