Stay Safe | Florida

For anyone on the West Coast of Florida and the affected parts by hurricane Ian: I hope you and your family are safe. Please take care of yourself. I’ve seen the videos and I have felt the outer bands here in the eastern part of FL, but I know it’s nothing compared to what you guys are going through. :blue_heart:


It’s very devastating… I saw some pics from regions where I went on vacation like Fort Myers. I was once told that many houses don’t have a foundation, therefore there aren’t that protected against storms… that’s a while ago.

Everyone stay safe.:pray:… the weather is crazy!


Stay safe @thaly1209! If it looks uncertain, get to safety first just in case!

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Yes! Safety is a priority. Thankfully, my side (east of FL) was not affected. However, the West Coast, especially Fort Meyers, was heavily affected, and many people have lost their homes and their lives. The videos I have seen from there are devastating, and my heart goes out to every person that is going through these tough times.


I hope things can settle and no more casualties. Houses can be replaced but people can’t. :blue_heart:


I stumbled over this video about storms, that southern regions is frequently affected by hurricanes, if anyone remembers the disaster Katrina, the damage was also so high.
The tropical cyclone happens one would say every year some mild and some devastating.
There is also the Jet stream that brings snowstorm in the northeast like the New England states. I witnessed quite often snow storms fallen trees and cutting of electricity, at times some places without electricity for 2 weeks. There was the “snowtober” which happened on Halloween and one also on Turkey Day where folks planned Thanksgiving feast but got no electricity, snowed in cars, no heat etc…

Unfortunately these weather changes are bringing these storms and disasters to other countries, not long ago it was Pakistan all flooded… we will have to learn to live with it and perhaps build accordingly but the force of such winds is just unstoppable…

Europe is experiencing electricity shortage and gas shortage, the gas leak is very bad. Winter is coming and heating is becoming a problem for those who heat with gas…

Make sure you have adequate food supply and water for 2 weeks, candles, batteries, and meds, who knows what else is coming…


Yes! Please be prepared and have anything you might need, and if you think your life will be at risk, please leave the area. Everything material can be replaced, but your life can’t. I am also glad your daughter is safe and that the damage was not as bad as it could have been.

My aunt lives in Tampa, and yesterday she drove to where I live, and she was telling us that the ranches, etc., on the sides looked like oceans. It has been devastating, especially for Fort Meyers, and unfortunately, the death count will surely keep going up.

This is one of the videos that shows just how high the water reached and TBH my heart breaks for whoever stayed behind.


Sanibel Island’s causeway bridge damaged, apparently needs to be rebuild… the affected region is like a war zone… everything gone… it’s almost like fiction. I wish that affected people can overcome this shock and can rebuild and the gov lends their hands too.


Its truly sad, and I am glad you and your family are safe.

I do agree with you. I am in an evacuation zone, which is no surprise since the bay is like 5mn away from my house. If I am told to evacuate, you bet I will be first in line. Material things can be replaced, but your life cannot. I think one of the issues with Fort Myers was that they had little time to evacuate. Initially, they thought it was going to hit Tampa, but at the last minute, it changed.

You’re welcome! I thought to share it because I have also seen a lot of the after effects but haven’t seen the force it had.


Oh my god?! Thank you for letting me know. I have a friend that lives in Kissimmee, she is part of the national guard so she was out rescuing people and I haven’t had the chance to speak with her. Will be calling her and asking her about it.