Still a Problem

I sure would like Viki to get their IT or whoever fixes things to solve the ongoing Currently Watching, video watched up to ???minute, and overall showing the blue line on the episodes we have watched. It’s been another 2 months of having to “write down” the episode number and the minute mark where I left off on our fav site which-isn’t-this-one. And whoever it was that suggested opening an account there I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU AND I APPRECIATE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!


What browser are you using? Any extensions that block trackers?

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For me over a year. I don’t count on it anymore.


I’ve used Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Brave, Edge, and checked the settings repeatedly. So much so I uninstalled each and deleted any remaining files so each was a brand new install. I’ve shut any and all ad blockers and trackers when using Viki. I reread all the previous threads pertaining to this problem and went through all the steps. Nothing has helped. If other sites don’t have a problem with “remembering” where we left off, then why does Viki have such a problem? The amount Viki charges for a subscription is equal to the other sites and if the sites charge more, then would up to $10 more a year be OF benefit or of less benefit if we as consumers have NO issues with the site remembering. I assume Viki is growing, but really, how many people don’t want to go throught the hassle, give up, and don’t renew their sub? Sites are adding more Asian content. Viki isn’t the only site now that’s drawing people in specifically for the Asian content, so people like me are doing their research and deciding whether to stay with the problems or choose another streaming service. I know this is falling on deaf ears. But the reason I bring this up again is to let others know they aren’t the only one (account) having the problems. When this happens I think “Am I the only one?”

If you have ANY suggestions then please list them.


Irmar, I didn’t include the numerous times before then. I usually see a fix for maybe a couple of weeks then it’s gone again.

It’s sad that Viki offers no additional benefit just like other sites that aren’t legal that choose to ONLY show content with NO additional benefits such as saving where we left off. One would think Viki wouldn’t want to be known as a “lacking” streaming site. One would think Viki would want to retain customers by fixing the fundamentals. I’ll have a decision to make in August. I live on an extremely rigid fixed income and weighing the pros & cons of a site’s driving force in retaining and growing their accounts, and if they’re customer oriented will be considered. Viki, as I see it, hasn’t been customer oriented.


As viewers, I think we’d probably all agree that this ‘continue watching’ function is among the most important on ANY streaming service, and it has always baffled me from the very beginning of joining Viki that this function ‘breaks’ a number of times EVERY year and remains broken for extended periods of time. How can such a site allow this to happen?

Mine also quit working recently. It started by not syncing my progress between devices, and then it quit working altogether. This time around, it would at least keep track of the episode I was on, but it would always start at the beginning, no matter what. It is beyond frustrating, and it does drive people away.

I will say that mine has since begun working again. It is really unfortunate that I have to say this, but I have my browser set to automatically clear cache and cookies specifically for Viki’s site every time the browser is closed. This is solely due to the fact that so many issues arise with their site that require this step that I learned to just do it automatically. This should not be the case for a website such as this, especially one that is subscription-based.


True, and I agree. I’d even questioned whether Viki was a legal site in name only or not. I’d set clearing cache and cookies automatically in every browser I’m using and stopping ad blockers, trackers, etc. I’ve even questioned whether it’s my system and researched any fixes, which most systems settings are for videos downloaded TO the system, not for external sites. I’m open to any and all suggestions, as I’m sure we all are.

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I had a problem with continue watching, but I only noticed it for 24–36 hrs.

There was some trouble with running the video, now the player is working fine, as long as I do not choose full screen then again, the videos will be more than once be “abandoned”.

I use Mozilla Firefox but do not make any adjustments for other sites nor for Viki, as I mentioned, it would be nice if I could watch full screen, so the subs would be bigger, but who doesn’t dream of a perfect Viki performance?

Mine hasn’t worked in months :joy:

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These are all based on chromium. If something doesn’t work on the generic chromium or chrome, it’s unlikely to work on the other ones. I’ve been bookmarking the unfinished episodes and putting the time stamp on the name. There is a third-party solution that could work. Users shouldn’t have to go to third party to access very useful features. It’s almost like viki only cares about mobile/other app users. Dark mode by default on the main page without a toggle option was also irritating.


Yes, I know. I mentioned the ones Viki recommends. I use Firefox. It’s a pain in the boohine to install a browser, check if it does the trick, then uninstall (with all the left over files) if they don’t work either. I’ve concluded it’s a Viki problem. Oh, well.