Story about your first drama


Hey :smile:
Im curious about your first k-drama. What was it? Did you like it or hate it?

As for my my first drama it was a J-drama : Hana Yori Dango and it was really good. After this drama I wanted to watch a remake “Boys Over Flowers” and thanks to that K-dama i fell in love with korean guys, korean culture and korean ayego :slight_smile:

After that drama i wanted to watch more and more and now I’m addicted to it :blush:

And you? How was your story with k-drama?

How did you discover k-drama?

My first k-drama was Boys Over Flowers… I was crying like a crazy person. I still don’t know which guy I like in this drama. I’ve seen it three times already, but I’m not sure.
My first drama ever was Atashinchi no Danshi, good j-drama. I only watched three j-dramas, but so many k-dramas.
I think that I’m addicted to korean dramas, too :smiley:


My first ever drama was Dae Jang Geum. I was living in Hong Kong at the time and it was broadcasted on television with Cantonese dubbing in 2004. I didn’t really know about the kdrama world then…

So I’d like to think that my first actual kdrama is Personal Taste. A friend of mine showed it to me a week before final exams in ninth grade, and I was addicted. I finished the drama in less than a week, with 2 days left before finals week. So I’d like to blame my lower exams scores on the power on kdramas. Once you start a marathon, good luck trying to stop in the middle of it (except to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom).

And now, 3 years later, I have watched about 40 kdramas, 15 kmovies, and I keep up with 5 k-shows a week.


My first Drama was Faith or The Good Doctor. I am not one for subtitles or so I thought. I started in December 2013 and I am addicted. I keep a log of all the dramas and movies I have watched and I rate them. Some I have watched several times; some I have on my list to view again. I am now enchanted with the Korean culture. I want to learn the language and visit the land. I want to digest and understand the Korean culture. I learn from the dramas as they do portray life, the good and the bad. I love Kdramas. :blush:


My first k-drama was You’re beautiful. everything is great with this drama: cast, plot, OSTs,. I became really addicted not only to the k-dramas but to everything Korean :smile: and Jang Keun-suk became my love at first sight :smiley: :blush:


My first K-Drama was Goong/Princess Hours back in 2011. I have seen more than 60 dramas and about 12 movies. I love the culture, the language and the people. I love everything about South Korean, the good and the bad.


My first k-drama was You’re Beautiful, I really liked it and thanks to that I discovered the world of Kpop. So now, I love South Korea, its culture, the language, food and I love k-dramas.


My first K-drama was Secret Garden. I was absolutely fascinated by it. And I have never cried so hard at a show. I ended up watching it 4 times in a row and have watched it a total of 8 times.

My second K-drama was You’re Beautiful. I loved all the characters in that drama, not just the actors who portrayed them. I think of the scenes sometimes and chuckle.

At first I was disturbed by how men treated women (or boys/girls) in the dramas, but now I have seen enough dramas to know there is variety and consider it an opportunity to discuss the way people behave toward one another.