Stream Offline?

Hi there, I was curious, As I live in Australia, our Network can sometimes disappear on me, due to power outages caused by freak lightning strikes and power outages, is there a way I can stream Viki shows onto my laptop/iOS/Android without the Internet, As It would suck, if we did have a power out, which does occasionally happen often and suddenly, I am without no Viki, So, is there anyway I can watch/stream Viki offline?


P.S. Please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong section of the forums :blush:

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By definition, streaming requires you to be online.
But for your question, Viki doesn’t offer a way to watch the videos offline.

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what i used to do to beat ads off all sites was to pre-load a video in its entirety and watch with the internet off. So yes that is possible. there’s no like “way” for it though.

That’s what I used to do in the day too. -flash back to the dial sound-
You just open the episode and press play and it’s supposed to start loading until complete so then you can play it even without internet (important to leave the window open otherwise it needs to reload again. and it’s better to do with a few different episodes so you’ll have more to watch)
But you should check it first because I remember coming across some places where the loading depends on where you are in the video (so doesn’t do the whole video, just a minimum forward in the video)

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Hmm, i see, is there going to be any option for it someday?

I’m not sure, though I doubt it would happen anytime soon.

I hope someday it will be done, thanks for answering my question :smile:

I hope they will add this kind of feature like netflix! For the meantime i will not renew my subscription wih viki and just stay with netflix… haist…

Short answer: No.
Long answer: If such a feature were to exist, it would only be for paying users. It might create dissension, I think, since Viki is a Community-built service.