STRONG SUPPORTERS -- Our favorite Wingmen/Wingwomen!


Let’s not forget Yoo Shi Jin’s fellow soldier, Seo Dae Young, from Descendants of the Sun!

I actually like the second lead couple better than our main leads.


OMG, yes … they were HILARIOUS. And if we count them as one “wingman” entity, then we have to include the Geumga Plaza gang from Vincenzo!


Does he count as a wingman? I was searching for supporting character wingmen, not second leads…


Loved Han Woo Tak in While You Were Sleeping. Such a cute shipper and loyal best friend even though he liked FL. I didn’t have any SLS but I adored his character.


That was the purpose of this thread, yes … to highlight those supporting characters who don’t quite fit into a second lead role. :slightly_smiling_face: Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between a second lead and a wingman though!


From Mr. Sunshine on NF; these three always acted as though they didn’t like each other but behind the scenes, they were doing things to support each other. Lee Byung Hun was ML and Byun Yo Han and Yoo Yeon Seok were his behind-the-scenes wingmen.




Have to add Santa from Inspector Koo to the list. He really took care of the FL all of the time and spoiler the fact that he kept chasing down “K” when he got suspicious of the random person walking past him, made me think of this thread.



These guys from Gentleman’s Dignity - they were each other’s WingMen!
I love this drama!


Kim Eun-sook, one of my favorite K-drama writers, penned Goblin, Mr. Sunshine, DOTS, A Gentleman’s Dignity, and others. One of the very common themes in her writing is a Bromance. Here is a list of her dramas in case anyone is interested:



I want to add the ML’s awesome CEO to this list of wingmen, but the cast list on Viki is incomplete! :frowning: Oh no! I can’t recall his name!
My Fated Boy


Oh also the Manager in the BL "To My Star"

He is so awesome! And Adorable!

Han Cinema


To My Star Roles


@sailormoon4ever is this the guy you are talking about?

Zhou Xiao Chuan

It was so refreshing to have a drama CEO in charge of an Idol who actually cared about that person as a human being. He was so supportive, and he was a great character.


Yes! That’s the guy! :slight_smile:


In Shopping King Louie (Shopaholic Louie), the butler, played by Eom Hyo Sub, is the EPITOME of a wingman. The bromance between these two is more like big bro/little bro and is hilarious and touching and amazing. (Can you tell I’m in the middle of a rewatch? :rofl:)


I love him!!!


I was glad he had such a light role - the actor usually gets bad father/corrupt politician roles