STRONG SUPPORTERS -- Our favorite Wingmen/Wingwomen!


Do you ever watch a drama and just absolutely fall for the sidekick? The person who is always there for the ML or the FL … always taking care of them, helping them when they’re down, and just generally being a good person? This thread is for us to highlight those unsung heroes – our favorite wingmen and wingwomen!

One of my favorites has to be Deok-Hwa from Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. Even though he complains (a LOT :rofl:) he takes good care of our Dokkaebi/Kim Shin and our “Uncle Down the Hall.”

His love for Kim Shin is genuine!

Who is your favorite sidekick???

(tip of the hat to @my_happy_place and @natyh for the idea for this thread! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)


This happens to me, I then try to find them listed in the cast of the show, to add to my celebrity list. Especially here on Viki, but they are often not on the list of cast members. This happens a lot for Chinese shows.


You are so right! It’s frustrating to say the least!

It seems like MyDramaList has a more comprehensive list of actors for each show listing.


Thanks for starting the thread, @irishtigger. There are so many great sidekicks in so many dramas. Looking forward to seeing who everyone posts as their favorites.

I always have a tab open for MyDramaList so that I can hunt down the cast of a drama I’m watching. Then I can also immediately see what other projects they have been in.


SMART! :raised_hands:t2:


The greatest WingMan!

Woo Do Hwan - as dual characters

The King Eternal Monarch


Two wingmen for the price of one – that’s my kind of bargain!


And HOT HOT HOT :fire:


Fortunately actor Luo Jin also had ML roles in other shows, so he is listed in the cast of Once Upon A Time!!


Loving this thread! Will add some later!




I might CRY - My BABY BABEL - He wanted so much love from Vincenzo!!! And I think he did get it!




Kim Bum - The Brother Dejour!




Oh I forgot this gif - I love Woo Do! He is my favorite Strong Supporter!


That smile would light up the darkest day!


Kwak Dong Yeon as sidekick Kim Byung Yeon in ‘Love in the Moonlight’


YES!!! He was a GREAT sidekick!!!


Awww he was the BEST :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m FINALLY on my laptop, so I can spam this thread as much as possible :joy:

Other than those that have already been mentioned:
Fall in Love’s Tan Si - ML’s adjutant. One of the sweetest wingmen ever, he was ML’s very best friend, loyal till death did them part. Supported the main couple with everything he had and took care of ML’s mischievous little sister. Had the cutest expressions and reactions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This group of crazies from Lawless Lawyer :joy:

Especially ML’s best friend/bodyguard who stood by him through thick and thin

Chen Mo and Andy from Love Me if You Dare - BEST. WINGMEN(Wing-car, wing-turtle… whatever). EVER.
No good pictures of Andy :disappointed_relieved:

You can’t convince me that they don’t cunt as wingmen. Andy was the best car ever, saving everyone, lightening the atmosphere, ,and just being a badass shipper :joy:


From, KING 2 HEARTS Jo Jung Suk

The Princess’ bodyguard and the King’s right hand man. Still one of my favs. 2ml (wingman).


Oh, they most definitely count as wingmen!!! Whatever would Wallace Huo do without Andy???
Also, there’s the guy that made Andy…whose name currently escapes me. (The actor is Yin Zheng.)