Strong Woman Do Bong Soon WP Friday 1/21


I know this is sort of short notice, but I was hoping to host a Watch-Party for Strong Woman Bong Soon later today/tomorrow (Friday, 1/21/2022) since I haven’t watched it before! I actually joined a WP for it a few days ago, but when I joined it was already halfway through the 2nd episode and it didn’t stop me from watching until halfway through episode 5 with the rest of the group either haha. I enjoyed what I did watch of it, but I wanted to go back and start from the very beginning because I can already tell it’s sooo gooood and I now know why so many people adore this drama and recommend it so much!

Anyways, I know this may be kinda short notice, but I was planning on starting it tonight before bed or sometime later tomorrow when hopefully more people will see this post and be able to join!!

I already created a room/link for the Watch-Party which should be good until 1:15AM EST Saturday, 1/22/2022, so we have aaaallllll day tomorrow before the link expires lol

Here’s the link:


Okay, I was able to watch the first episode last night before I went to bed lol and now I’m about to start EP 2 in a few minutes, so if anyone see’s this, you’re more than welcome to join me! :smiley:

(And I’m planning on watching a few more episodes at least probably more!)

Here’s the link again: