Study on the K-Drama/Viki community, I need your help :)

Hi! My name is Angela :smile: I would like to ask this community some questions in regards to an assignment I am working on. For my college class, we had to select a discourse community to prove literate and I chose the fandom of Korean drama since I love it so much and would love to show so much more of this community to my class and demolish any negative denotations towards the group if any. Here’s some of the questions I would be asking, please consider them :bow: Thank you!

What function or purpose does the discussion boards serve for you/ this community?
Who creates the text present in discussion boards/ in this community?
What kinds of talk occur when people use this text?
How long have you been using these kinds of texts?
How do you learn to use this text and other texts like it?
How many different people have likely seen this text?
What kinds of technologies were used in the production and use of this text?
Does this text get used with other texts as well? (for example: other forms of communication in this community like sharing facebook accounts to stay connected)

You do not have to answer all of them if you don’t want to but I would be super grateful if some were answered, thank you so much again for taking the time in reading my comment and have a wonderful day Viki community. :blush: