Subathon 2020 - please include all languages

Dear Viki Team and @giant_sean
We understand that you included those specific languages because of some american celebrations but we are from all over the world.

This community is for everyone not just american, and that is why i would like you to consider adding all languages, that will encourage the whole community to contribute.

For example most of my work is in Arabic and i would love it if when i wanted to watch a drama that i will find it in arabic.

this is the subathon link

please include our languages.

thank you


The same poll from a different discussion.

  • Badges for only 6 mentioned languages.
  • Badges for languages that have more than 100 translated shows.
  • Badges for top 100 subbers irrespective of their language.

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I feel there are celebrations all over the world every month, so getting away with the excuse of just AMERICAN celebrations is not appropriate.