Subbers Without Mod are Not Allowed Anymore?

Thanks alot for explaining to me. :smiley:

So does that means I can only do Vietnamese shows/dramas?

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As a TE, yes. But we do have a lack of Vietnamese TEs so there would be work for you.

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Alright! Thanks alot! I really appreciated for your help and recommendation. I will try that position. Once again, thanks alot!
Have a nice day :smile:


To be TE, you need at least 3k subs and depending on your CM, you may have to translate a small passage to show your proficiency.

Glad to meet another Vietnamese volunteer. It’s been only me. Lol.

I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.


Wow, that’s really impressive, you literally mastered some of the most hardest languages

I’m looking forward to your help and support!
Rất mong được chị giúp đỡ ạ :blush:
Em có thể nhắn tin riêng cho chị được không ạ?


I argree with your other points, however, like I said, “a system to detect” which I mean like an AI,

NOT a Viki Staff or CM/MODERATORS/EDITORS already working as part of a team. Some viki staff also work in teams. Like I said before; a third party person that will only work (and hopefully get paid) to look into conducts done here that are not right. I realize that some viki staff allows things to go on here because they might favor a moderator, CM etc. It’s easy to tell when they favor others because in the past, when I wrote complains about certain people’s behavior towards me, and nothing was ever done about it. But the people in question that I reported, instead made a complain about me, always flag my complains, and one time I even had my account at one time put on hold based on those false accusations.

It wasn’t until I tried in many ways to contact the CEO of the company that they finally took care of the situation here, and I was finally able to get justice from these stalkers. Although, I’m still facing issues with the Spanish teams that some take me in (so I don’t report them for not accepting me), and ‘‘try’’ to make my work as a volunteer there so uncomfortable until I leave. I’m not the only one since there are plenty here who are faced with that same situation, but instead of making this site aware of this situation, they stay silent allowing these horrible behavior to continue. I know they do it out of fear of retaliation, and not getting added in their teams. If only we could see these people working as hard to keep abusers out or Google translators only so they can always provide Quality in their SPANISH subtitles.

Since some of these dramas are not praying for time to be available (as a matter of fact, the last team I was in they gave all subbers 24 hours to finish their part which made no sense to me, and I found so ridiculous in a drama that got 2 episodes released to OL every 10 days!) In my case, depending if the Original translation was done really good, it would take me 15 minutes to finish, but if the Chinese translation was not that great (some of the Chinese translation were OBVIOUSLY literal translations), I could take an hour or more just to be able to fix my subtitle in Spanish so it would make sense to the viewer as they read them.

I UNDERSTAND that no one can be perfect in different language because we are imperfect human beings that can make mistakes, but in my opinion, everything can be worked out as long as we are able to break up the control system some teams have here; that in the long run will cause quality issues in the subtitles, not quantity bc anyone can write poor quality subtitles (google translated literal translation) in the nick of time (like some are still doing now).

Until we can resolve a way to break that control some teams have here (which they allege is only to keep ‘’‘quality’’ within their buddy system in their dramas), and until we find ways to be able to let those that really can provide* real quality in the subs* to be able to work here (bc no one here stopping them), we can finally say this unfair tactic/situation that we still have here now can finally be stopped once and for all, for the greater good of this site.

I imagine that the higher ups trust and feel confident with the people that have been here for so, so, many, many years (like myself). But some of these people are just controlling, and making every trick up their sleeves to keep their buddy system, and control in every drama they want to ‘‘hog’’ and not share with others but only their people. They even make up fake teams, with fake members that are no longer working here, and they tell you any story (excuses/excuses) that will keep out a potentially great addition into their team for their own selfish reasons.

Many are curious and asking me; why you have stayed through all this, and not give up? My answer: They picked on the wrong language to step on, and make us look like we have some kind of learning disability when you read SOME of their subtitles here from English to Spanish just bc they did a literal translation of a good Chinese/Korean etc…translation. This only happened bc in their buddy system all they can offer is a literal translation from any translation tool they use.

I suggest another new rule and a MUST in my eyes; one we needed here regarding the SPANISH team, and that is LIMIT the amount of people/subbers, a team have, and they will be FORCED to keep the good subbers, and eliminate or let go of their google translate/poor proficiency in English members in their teams just bc they are faster (which benefits no one since poor subs sucks to read in drams/movies/shows etc). This will guarantee better quality in SPANISH translation, and it will also give other applicants a chance (since the teams will have no other options) to add other rookies/better subbers, in the SPANISH teams. Not allowing them to go from drama to drama with the same group of Spanish subbers (that some don’t even meet the qualifications to offer real Quality subtitles in dramas bc they don’t know or are not proficient enough in the English language which is so critical to have).
I don’t know why the Spanish exercise wasn’t given to EVERYONE that is currently working here as a CM/Subber/Editor/Moderator, not only offered to rookies/future subbers. I would also like to see here a [QUIZ] or [TESTING] designed a [Quiz] for Moderators/CM/EDITORS of their proficiency in the ENGLISH language. No matter how bad the Chinese/Korean/ ETC. OL might be, the proficiency in English is very important since that will guarantee better quality subtitles in English that will have better quality in any OTHER LANGUAGE it gets translated into. Please, don’t tell me that’s not possible bc I have seen plenty who are very proficient in English, and wanting to be added in teams, but they are not.

Many here always use the excuse that there are not enough people to cover certain positions, but I don’t agree with that at all. They close DOORS to many that want and are qualified to work as Korean/Chinese/ OL translators, if we can stop that behavior QUALITY issues like in other sites would be a thing of the past, and we don’t need any AI to do the work for us; willing and able (working for free) volunteers.

I have witnessed stuff and collected evidence of what I write here, and the only reason why I don’t ever post them here is because these information I have available belong to the CEO’s/Investors that can change things for the better, and no one else.

2 Likes only differentiates between All Languages and English - there is nothing concerning OL moderators.

There are many of these, and they’re not beginners, but established moderators. However, reported users instead become CM and remain in the community.
Furthermore, latest projects urge translation without checking. Is that considered quality? I understand that English Editing and releases can slow down things significantly, but at the same time, there are dramas without any release for more than 2 months because some team decided it’s okay not to work on it for the next 2 years. Shouldn’t Viki monitor these first?!

On the other hand, you slow things down on dramas such as “Heavenly Idol” as segmenters are not supposed to work on these. What’s the point?!
All of this is contradictory.


I know this is difficult for us as a rare OL subbers! And It is a bit of a conflict for CM even without this new limitation, since they don’t know if the newbie do a quality job or not, if the newbie will complete the project or leave it after experience that it is definitely not an easy task and that’s just not their cup of tea!

I have an idea, I think it could lead us half the way! If just Viki create a form to join the QC community, asking the ones who are interested to subbing about the language they want to sub, giving them a one minute worth of a conversation ( several ones that randomly assigned ) that contains idioms and some complicated sentences that can’t be translated by translating websites, to test their skill, Then send the form to the desire language existing QC to judge it, these QC must be volunteering for this task, and if the person got five votes of yes his application will be approved and he could start subbing! And if he get 5 negative he get rejected!

Then if a language have less than a specific number of active QC they can sub without mod, since they already been tested for the skills!

If a language already have a much less QC or nothing at all, their application sent automatically to the staff!

And as an answer for the one who applied, they can send them the feedback of the QC, why they had been approved or rejected, so if they approved they could know if they have something they must work on it to be better and for the disqualified they could apply again after they practice more if they still interested

That sounds similar to the one liners where other people would judge whether the translation was good or not.

One liners had bad results in languages in which you had to know the gender of the speaker, the (relative) age of the speaker vs. the age of the other person in order to subtitle correctly. On top of that, there was little to no context.

Which would be the starting language? English? The other language? Ideally QCs would be proficient in both the to and from languages.


This is the first time I see this Actually, I knew that there is a short clips for practice but If I’m not wrong, It is not available for the rare languages, however, my idea is that a person interested must apply for volunteering, and he could take projects only after he \ she proven as qualified by trusting QCs of the same language.

For now what happenes for us as rare OL, first we struggle finding a project, then if a moderator was kind to give us a try, he\ she must train us, and go over our work while he\she already busy with other projects and their own life. If they got lucky they will get someone decent and active they could guide and relay on, or they will have someone that really bad and maybe they will be too kind to just face them with the truth since they don’t want to demotivate the person who took the effort, and a lot of interested ones will run a way after subbing one part :sweat_smile:, this can’t be tested in any way :joy:

This is the first time I see this Actually, I knew that there is a short clips for practice but If I’m not wrong, It is not available for the rare languages, however, my idea is that a person interested must apply for volunteering, and he could take projects only after he \ she proven as qualified by trusting QCs of the same language.

That works fine for any language where there is already an active community of QCs.

For now what happenes for us as rare OL, first we struggle finding a project, then if a moderator was kind to give us a try, he\ she must train us, and go over our work while he\she already busy with other projects and their own life.

Now a mod needs 3,000 subtitles in the language. That means, a rare OL beginner has to subtitle 3,000 subs in some show they don’t have an interest in, or they have to wait for viki staff to get back to them because now even channel managers are helpless in this situation as there can’t be a subber without a mod.

I beg to differ. This will just make it even harder for new subbers. By limiting the number of people a team can have, you are actually taking away the chances of new contributors getting noticed. This will not force moderators to “let go,” it will just encourage them to keep the same people.
It’s similar to what happened with the whole 5 project moderation. The goal was to stop hoarders, but it only made it harder for smaller communities, and people found ways around that rule.

This, in fact, does not guarantee “better quality translations in Spanish” either. Viki will probably never tailor rules to each community, meaning that all rules will probably be enforced in every community. You have a lot of ideas, yet in reality, a lot of these ideas are useless since you don’t look at the overall picture and how this will affect other communities.


Oh, I am well aware of this matter. That’s why I gave my idea to overwrite this specific rule. If the person is already tested and approved that he is good enough to contribute, there is no need to look at the number of his contribution if the CM was brave enough to give him the chance to sub the project if no other active old QC apply to become a language mod!

I worked hard in projects that I wasn’t interested in ( I am in to k-drama ) that two beautiful ladies give me the chance to work in their projects and guide me ( C-drama and J-drama ), just to complete the 3000, I started mid of Dec last year, we completed the C-drama project in mid Feb! I joined the team when they were still in the second episode and I did alone more than 10,000!

But the funniest thing was that the project I wanted to sub and I annoyed the CM to join added me as a subber while I was still didn’t hit the 3000 and they didn’t have a language mod for my language till now! I work on it as just a subber, I am thinking of asking to upgrade me to mod if I complete half the project! And I have another project as mod, it is overwhelming sometimes but I love it! And working with other ladies really helped me to understand Viki rules and know my mistakes and resolve them!



Like everybody else, I gave the idea but is not written in stone that it must be enforced here at RakutenViki. Since 2013, I was hoping they limit the 100 spanish subbers they had in most of the teams, and a good percentage of them were offering only any translation tool subtitles they got their fast hands on. I even back then and now caught several moderators writing subtitles instead of their subbers in the team, and when I did further research; most of this moderators also had copy and pasted the sentence word by word how it was given by Google translate (very popular in those days) now we have more to choose from but same outcome since they can never replace a human that knows the English language well enough.

If they would only take the time to investigate how well moderators are really managing their teams, and especially, if they are not ‘‘hogging’’ even the subtitles that are suppose to be done by their subbers in the team (not the moderators themselves). I believe they could get to the root of the problem as to why we still have in 2023 subbers writing subtitles that are made with translation tools only, and not, as they are reading the sentence in English written by the Original (K,C,J) to English translator. The way it should and must be done; to always ensure QUALITY in the Spanish subtitles.

I can Guarantee you, that if we design a way to quiz/asses if these subbers are proficient enough in the English language to be writing English to Spanish subtitles, we could have the best QUALITY Spanish subtitles, and we can stop the googlelators monsters from writing low quality Spanish subtitles in dramas/movies/shows etc. like I see it happening in 2023, and since 2013 when I first started volunteering here at RViki.

Everybody can disagree with my ideas, but that doesn’t make my idea wrong either like you are trying to say here because a bad translation affects all communities (all OL translations) if we don’t work on making the needed improvements, and if we continue to accept subbers who CLAIM they know English when they don’t, and just because they reached the 3,000 CC quota (that is not enough). If they don’t know English well enough, then they have no business translating from English (a Language they don’t know) to Spanish and ruining the quality in the subtitles. I’m not saying all SPANISH TEAMS are guilty of this crime bc it is a crime to want to do harm by recruiting subbers who don’t know English but the English they know, is the one a translation tool offers them with the help of moderators who just want to hog drama after dramas, by offering large quantity of subtitles done in a flash but that make no sense as you read them.

Maybe you didn’t understand that my concern is mainly on how proficient people translating here at Rviki are in the English language, and I’m not saying they have to be perfect because no one in this world is perfect. I’m just saying if you need a translation tool to be offering your subtitle in dramas/movies/shows, then you won’t be able to offer a QUALITY subtitle that this site (RVIKI) deserves to get from each and every volunteer who offer to work here.

Exactly my point! If they build a system to test the interested volunteers skills by trusted QC before giving them project to work on we can at least grantee a decent quality!

I take a help from other translating websites, specially when I first join and I was still not that sure of my abilities! they are better than before but they need the human touch! They don’t recognize idioms, some are complected ( two words for one action! ) If they didn’t came in the same order ,Google could get it wrong! Some words have different meanings depends in the context! The gender!! Sometimes they bring up names and topics that I had to search for so that I can give the best translation and even adding a note to make the viewer understand what they mean!

So yes we need to test the skill if we want to ensure quality! I don’t think it is a hard thing to do :face_with_monocle:


So yes we need to test the skill if we want to ensure quality! I don’t think it is a hard thing to do :face_with_monocle:

It’s not hard at all. The same way they designed a way to test ‘‘rookies’’ by giving ‘‘us’’ the chance to be tested with this sample videos, and I don’t understand WHY they only did it for Spanish and Portuguese language (they also only used Korean and Chinese dramas) Why not have video samples in Japanese too?

I have this information you can look into it, but it was only offered to Spanish/Portuguese rookies which I’m not a rookie since I had 172,000 CC and was a Gold QC with viki plus pass, but I wanted to start with the new dramas since the dramas/movies I worked on were no longer here so no one could see my subtitles, and the quality work I could offer to the team so I closed my account since it was the only way to eliminate that information from my profile page. I have no regrets on closing it.

So this is what you’ll see before working on the sample videos. Just click on the blur part. I don’t know if we are allowed to show it here so I used Blur spoiler mode… The Link I added there don’t work anyway, but I added just to show that they can design more videos available for everyone in General, to test their proficiency in the English language and guarantee better quality in the subtitles.

Work on sample videos to increase your chances of getting accepted BETA
Learn more about sample videos


I remember that! But I think I couldn’t do it because my desire language was Arabic, I only had the chance to practice when Other mods added me to their projects!


That gives way too much power to the established volunteers who might upvote people they like or downvote people they dislike. Plus, there is no guarantee that they are actually good at the language they are working on. They just became Gold QCs because they made a lot of contributions, not because those contributions were great.

And what can the staff do? Do you really believe they speak all of our languages?


Notice how I did not say your ideas were wrong. I just said they were USELESS. You’re thinking from the perspective of the Spanish community. However, what about smaller communities? Let’s be real. No team has 100 Spanish subbers. At least not now. The biggest teams have 40-50 people and the moderator who has those big teams is a pretty good dang moderator. The rest of the teams at most have 25-30. If Viki does enforce a limit to the amount of subbers, don’t you think this will limit the amount of new people that get accepted? Most moderators will want to work with people they know, while rejecting possible new volunteers who might be better. You keep saying “back then”, but what might have worked back then might now work now. Ideas that might have seemed good back then might not be the best now. This is the present, and solutions need to be tailored to our current situation. Also, you keep mentioning the Spanish community, but what about the other communities? The needs they have are very different. What works for the Spanish community will probably not work for other communities. Again, look at the 5 moderator rule. It works for Spanish because we have a lot of people. But smaller communities are struggling with that rule. Many dramas/movies are not being subbed.

You mentioned testing the English proficiency level of moderators, and I agree. However, who will test the proficiency? Will Viki hire people for each and every language? Let’s be real they won’t. If this job gets left to other subbers, people will most likely want to pull strings. And those people checking will think they are the “it people”. I’ve been told this is what happened with the Spanish subbing academy and why it had to be closed.