Subtitle appearance options

Loving the new subtitle appearance options…
Is there any chance in the future to have the option to change the opacity of the back ground in subtitle appearance?
I like using subtitle with a coloured background to cover the preexisting subtitles provided by the broadcaster…I also like to make the back ground a little transparent so as not to obstruct the screen image to much.or the illusion of less obstruction.,
I usually watch on a big screen TV.


I would really appreciate it too. It’s possible on the app version so I guess there might be a chance we get it for website and TV in the future??

Okay, Viki did another update/change, the subtitle appearance option has been decimated… and there is only 1 font “to choose” from and the shading is either “black background, none, black background”… the font can be changed in size and stay all “fat”… it’s hard to read for me.

@vikiinformationassis is this new feature “subtitle appearance” not finished???

Also the timed comments feature is somewhat changed… why Viki has to change things that were okay, just why?

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I had this change in subtitles roll out a couple weeks ago, and it is what triggered all the issues with the subtitles not working at all and being too small, no matter which size font you chose. It was really frustrating.


I have them on XL they are still much smaller than before… and the fat letters are hard to read… now I understand the frust… Viki put it back like before!!
I’m so annoyed by this font…

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They’ve changed the opacity of subtitles and it’s not easy to read them. I’ve noticed this changement few days ago but only on the website version. On the app my settles of the appearance of subtitles are the same. Plus, the typology has also changed like a little in italic. It doesn’t matter for but i’de like to have more opacity behind my subtitles. Now they are on grey while before they were on black.

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I also do not like it, please change it back Viki, I can’t watch properly anymore and I don’t even want to keep paying for a Viki subscription now the subtitles are like this, it’s not comfortable to watch anymore, it’s terrible

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That’s so odd because I went to check, and the subtitles are in perfect condition. If anything, it seems so neat and clear now, that I can enjoy so much more reading the subtitles. The clarity and sharpness they have now is a blessing for me since my eyesight with age is not that great. I do hope they Don’t change anything in them, unless they fully analyze why it’s affecting some while benefiting others (like myself). If changes are needed done by the viewer or the technical Department I hope they do their research very thoroughly.