Subtitle Blocked by Video Timeline When Paused

Ever since the new version (2019 -) of Viki app was launched the subtitles of the shows I am watching is blocked by the video timeline whenever I pause to read them. I can’t read as fast and just to make sure I read properly I would pause the video only for the captions to become darkened and obscured by the timeline and other icons. This only happens with the viki app after 2019. Is anyone else experiencing this??? Please help!!!:sob::sob:Screenshot_20210320-205950%5B3050%5D

Does this happen while watching on your phone? I have noticed that some of the things I want to do with Viki are different from TV, LapTop and App on my phone

When you hit pause, click on the CC box in the lower left hand corner. Select the language you want for subtitles, and this problem will go away. I have to do it every time I go back into the app on my tv, but it’s a super fast, easy fix. I hope this helps!

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Yes. This happens only on my phone, my tablet and my firestick. In other words its the Viki app. The only device it doesnt happen on is my laptop using the website.

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The version I am using is 6.9.2 so my CC box is at top right. I still tried but it didnt work so…

I dont think it happens on my phone I will check

I just edit and added to my initial post a screen shot of my phone with the issue

Yep my phone does that but I can still read even though the little thingy’s are there. I mainly use my laptop

That’s too bad! I saw the picture you posted, and what I do when that pops up on my phone is I either read though it or I touch part of the screen without any controls. On my iPhone, that minimizes those controls that are darkening and covering the subtitles so they’re easier to read. I only need to do the thing I posted before on my FireTV, not my phone or computer.

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried that but its so inconvenient dealing with this. Especially knowing this never used to happen before the upgrade. I am just upset at the idea of paying for something I am not 100% satisfied with and decided to pose the question to the rest of the Viki members knowing I am not alone in this. :slightly_frowning_face:

I use the firestick for Viki. Just lightly tap the ‘back/return’ arrow lightly and that stuff goes away so you can read.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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