Subtitle Editor isn't working

My subbers can’t access the editor. They are listed as subtitlers and it worked until yesterday. I’m the mod for the show and it works for me but not for them. Does anyone have the same problem or knows how I can fix this?

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I haven’t subbed today, but I usually use segment timer. Try contacting the Viki Help Center.

i cant either. and i am listed

Hi Nastja1404
I tried to get to the bulktranslator page. This one is working. I guess because theres no video.
I am going to translate with this one. But I can’t veryfy it. German subs are not shown on the video Ep. 6


My french subbers too can’t access the subtittle editor. Now they tranlate with the bulk translation ( I have sent them the URL). But it isn’t convenient.

I just sent a report to the help center.

Does the bulk translation work?

Everyone with this problem should contact the Help Center.

I’m a channel manager but can’t access the channel. Just happened earlier this morning.

Same here, I cannot use it. It says “You can’t access this video.” I am looking for a way to contact the technical team, but I still didn’t succeed. Any ideas?
Obviously it’s a common problem and they should address it quick in order for us to work well.

Send a message to the Help Center. That’s where we address our problems, right?

I was able to access the videos yesterday, but one of my subbers couldn’t. So, if it still isn’t working today, I’ll also send a message to them.

You can contact the help center through this form:

I always have trouble finding that link on the help center so I have it saved somewhere :wink:

That is really usefull, thank you so much. I will fave it too in case of need.

Yeah, you have to click on “no” where the help center asks whether the topic helped you.
If you don’t click on no the help form will stay hidden.

Thats stupid, because when you search for contact nothing is found.

I’ve sent my request, because I have the same problem.

I see the video but the subtitling app isn’t working…

I wanted to add that my translations from yesterday aren’t there anymore. I used the page noted above…
Thats sad.

Ohh it works like that… how sneaky. LOL! Good to know that.

Hi everyone, it’s Kristine from the Viki Help Center. Please know that our team is aware of this issue and are working to get it resolved as soon as we can! If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to write in to the Help Center. Thanks!