Subtitle problem

I was subbing an episode (To The Beautiful You Ep 15) into German and when I checked the subtitles again, they weren’t there anymore. So I wanted to do them again, but then it said, that there are already subtitles ( but the % is still the same as before I subbed). And then I looked at my recent subtitles and there wasn’t my subtitles just the ones I did a hour ago. And something confused me more. It said, that I subbed 1 line in another drama (Bad Love) that I never even watched. Can someone help me? I don’t know what happend.

@JuliasReise - I guess it was a bug or something. If subs won’t be there after a while, you can ask viki to restore them.
It was my problem last few days. I was creating subs. I completed 100% and after a while some parts showed 67% or 18%. I re-created some again, but vanished again. Finaly the only option was to ask to restore them. Once created, subtitles are stored in the viki system, so what you wrote will never disappear.

About that 1 line on Bad Love - I just understood why I do have some subs on channels I’ve never worked. If you line or rate on Viki One Liners and your line thumbs up, that 1 sub will appear on your contribution list. You should never know from where lines are coming (which show).
Hope I helped you.

Thank you so much.
I was just surprised by this one line, because I only used the One Liner back in October, when I started subbing.
I will do what you told me.

I have same problem with two different dramas.

that happened to me too… my 3 hours subbing… T___T

@ Danylor: How do you ask Viki to restore them?

Yep I was in the middle of a GO just now and suddenly nothing is saved after 1 hour, I was editing some other channel at the same time and same thing, Is not saving even segments.

The same with me - subbing one episode of Hero (to Polish) and one movie. Lost like 3 hours of work.

Don’t worry, seems to be something like a bug on viki. As I said, all your lines are stored and can be restored. Once we romanians lost all the subs for an entire drama duo a request of the content provider and asked viki if we worked in vain. They told us that all the lines once created are stored by the system. In that case, viki will restore once the license agreement is available again for our language.

But now, while you have no restriction to sub and your lines won’t show up or are vanished, you go to Help Center - click on your avatar and choose my activity and then apply for a request. Choose as a subject SUBTITLE and write about your problem. You have to be specify about the drama and time of that issue.
@ella_luu - here’s your answer.

My Subtitles are back. I just waited and they appeared again.

Same for me.

same here, subs are back

Great! Glad to hear that!

I have been watching Korean Dramas and I love them. Only thing some of the subtitles don’t stay on the screen long enough for me to read. I am a fast reader but some are way to fast. Even a speed reader would have a hard time.

@lettie_mull Segmenters (the users timing the subs) aren’t perfect. They time the subs before the translations are put in, so maybe a translation comes out longer than expected and feels like it’s on-screen for a very short time…

That said, I think most segmenters on K-dramas follow similar guidelines when timing, which usually leaves enough time to read most subs. I don’t think of myself as a very fast reader, but I don’t have issues with the timing on shows I watch.

If there are specific shows where it really bothers you, I’d leave a message on that/those channel(s) about it and someone who actually helps out on that particular show will probably be more helpful.

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@lettie_mull - agree with scircus’s answer. You can contact the channel manager of a certain channel to check the timing. I had a similar issue on a channel and segmenters can fix it right away. Or there are issues regarding segments that doesn’t match with the dialogue, but also, they ca fix it. You just have to tell them about.