Subtitle size font options

can you add an option for subtitle size on samsung smart tv

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I have a samsung tv and would love this option as well!

I’m watching my first VIKI movie (The Great Queen Seon Deok) and loving it on my new Samsung tv! Unfortunately, I am having trouble reading the subtitles…Is there a way to control the fond size? Thank you!

I would love to see that option as well. And if it were possible to provide a different colored background for subtitles that might make them more visible as well. Thanks so much!

would love this
the only i get better size subtitles is to run my iphone/ipad thru hdmi connection to mirror my ipad app…the subtitles look bigger

according to @armchairdude from product development, he says it’s a feature that’s in the pipeline of features to be added. We have requested that feature for years not just for samsung tv but in general.

Sizing, where to put it, color etc.

It would be really nice to have this option. I have both a 55" and 36" tv and I have lots of trouble reading. Please add this option