Subtitlers, PLEASE HELP! (Fighter of the Destiny)

Many, many times, I have wanted to watch “Fighter of the Destiny”, only to be disappointed. The show aired 4/17/ to 6/0/17. I really don’t understand why the subtitling is not complete. Today I read the comments about Fighter of the Destiny, it seems I am not alone. There are many others who want to view this show.
Realizing all of you are volunteers with busy schedules, please can’t you find the time to complete this subtitling?

You probably do not remember this show did NOT air on Viki in April 2017 in China probably yes.
This show was licensed unexpectedly about sometime in November and so many episodes were uploaded at once, working round the clock is very exhausting for volunteers who are already working on other projects. You also forgot that volunteers celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year.
As of last night volunteer features to work on this and other dramas has been postponed due to a bug.
One cannot compare apples with oranges. Thanks for your understanding.


I am not the Channel Manager, nor am I on the Team on Fighter, but I can possibly provide some insight here.

I am Channel Manager on a couple of dramas that were also given to us post-airing and complete in episodes, and the perception does seem to be that it should also be subbed as swiftly as the videos are already there. (In one case, some thought we could translate without the actual videos arriving yet :slight_smile: which is an even more impossible mountain to scale… :slight_smile:

The fact is, it takes more than subbing to add subtitles. First, the videos must be segmented, this means positioning properly the many thousands of blanks for the subbers to fill. For a 52-episode drama like Fighter, this too takes time and yes, specialists preferably in both the genre and language stylings. A quick look says segmenting has been completed, which is great!

Second - consider please the genre of the drama. Costume/historical/wuxia come with more details, some use archaic language or more polite addresses/honorifics than the modern world, and often we have mysterious martial arts or other details to decipher and use as a Team when translating such a drama.

Third - consider the language. Chinese is a very beautiful and versatile language. Where possible, subbers need both a written form and the spoken lines to determine how exactly they want to translate each line into one of the most difficult languages in the world…English. :slight_smile:

Consider that two languages that developed separated LITERALLY a world apart have the same basic and UNIQUE sentence structure…and similar oddities…idiomatic speech, homonyms that can drive people crazy figuring out what it is…several ways to translate the very same words. :slight_smile:

Realize the level of talent it takes in both languages to move the words from Chinese to English - and on top of this, edit and make sure it makes sense in English as it has been translated. :slight_smile:

I am not surprised to see 15 of 52 have been done in English. :slight_smile: In fact, this is good progress, given we do not have the U.N. translation staff at our disposal here, and rely on work of those who wish to bring the drama to you, with open heart and willing hands. :slight_smile:

As a fan, I do understand you want to see the entire drama in English. Others also want Spanish and languages that all rest on English for their base too. :slight_smile:

Please select other dramas to watch - there are some other excellent dramas already completed in English, double-check by looking at the English of the last episode first or make sure all eps read close to 100 percent before starting, so you will not be frustrated again. (If you have not seen Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008 - or Young Warriors - both are complete and feature some amazing actors.)

Follow Fighter’s Channel, and I am sure the CM will let you know when English is complete. :wink:

Fans become Volunteers. :slight_smile:

Oh and one last thing. All our tools to MAKE segments and subs are broken today - this started yesterday. :frowning: We are waiting for this to be repaired. So we cannot move forward though we do wish to!

Thank you for your patience.

GeNie of the Lamp CM etc on a few historical/wuxia/costume dramas…


I’m the channel manager and I’m aware, that many viewers are getting impatient. The drama was not aired in April 2017, but in November 2017. Viki has uploaded all 52 episodes on the same day, which means a lot of work for the team.

The team has already finished the segmenting process and the first 15 episodes. I won’t find any excuses, but I want to remind you, that our team consists of volunteers. They help to translate in their free time. I can’t force anyone, I can only ask, if they are willing to help.

As I’ve posted in the comments on the main page, right now we have some technical issues, not only “Fighter of the Destiny” is affected, but many other dramas as well.

So, I can only ask to be patient, we won’t abandon this drama.