Subtitles for Korean Drama Cruel Palace - War of Roses


@vivi_1485I didnt know they couldn’t add pre sub subs to this drama

Thanks @choitrio I know now how complicated those subs can be in Historical dramas.

Well, GOD is good and someone wrote to me via my e-mail, and told me where they had it fully subbed, and I made the dreadful mistake (bc I was so anxious to know the ending) to skip to episode 50, and what a shocking ending the drama has. I have never seen a drama end with such savage way, but is all part of the story; so it does fall right into place. I had the closure I needed, and I hope others can have it too here soon.


With historical dramas, subbers not only have to be fluent in both Korean and English but also at least be able to recognize Sino-Korean vocabulary in order to avoid translation mistakes. This is why I am now spending more time helping out with translation/editing for “Lovers of the Red Sky” than I had originally intended.


Thank you! I plan to binge watch! :wink::+1:t5:



Yes, I know very well that you give your 100% best, and I thank you so much. That’s one thing has here, most subbers are perfectionist, and dedicated to giving quality work in the subtitles in the dramas/movies they work in, and in any field; whether is translating, as moderators, as editors, and much more than that, they make sure that everyone on the team are in the same page. A great sign that always gives the best because they have the best volunteers here.

Enjoy your weekend with your family, and everyone else here, too.



I went ahead and finished Ep. 35 for you. But that’s about all I will be working on this drama. I’ve communicated with the current CM, and she is still active and has been looking for subbers to complete this drama for years without much success.

I suggested her reaching out to Viki to send one of their paid translators to complete this drama, and she said that one of the Viki staff used to come and sub some of the episodes, but has abruptly stopped working on it since then, without returning her PM. She will reach out to that staff member again for help.

I’ve also sent her a name of a new Viki volunteer who is willing to sub any Korean dramas, and she has been added to the team. That volunteer had zero subbing experience before, so we will see how much she can do since Sageuk is particularly hard to sub even for an experienced subber.

Well, that’s about it from me!

Good luck!


In addition to that, they need to be familiar with the history of old Korean kingdoms, political rankings and terms, oriental medicinal terms, old Confucius teachings, other antiquated words and phrases, and even some Chinese characters, etc.

It’s not surprising to see that subbing Saguek dramas takes a lot longer to sub, because you’ve got to do a lot of research while subbing. And they tend to have a lot more episodes than a typical modern Korean drama.


@ajumma2 to the rescue, as usual :blush: Thank you!


Least I can do! :smile:

@lutra gets credit for reeling me into this! haha And I believe she also helped with recruiting the new subber.


LOL Did I? :hugs: Thank you! You did more than I.
And the subber sheer coincidence. We will see or hear how it goes.


Well done, both of you! :muscle:


Okay, got an update that Viki will re-view if they can assist with translation. Good or bad, this drama needs to be done, so the CM can finally stop thinking about the search for translators, and other language teams can end the project as well.
Keep your fingers crossed.


That’s awesome news, @lutra! Good work!!


Just wanted to give you an update that Cruel Palace is being actively subbed by 3 volunteer subbers, and they’ve finished up to Ep. 48 as of today! So there are only two more episodes left, and I expect it to be completed some time soon.
This could be your early Christmas gift! :wink:


Cruel Palace is 100% subbed now!

Happy Thanksgiving! :smiley: