Subtitles for Korean Drama Cruel Palace - War of Roses


I came across the older drama “Cruel Palace - War of Roses”, and the plot seem really good. However, I didn’t realize until now that all episodes were not subtitled. Subtitles only went up to episode 35 out of 50 episodes. I do understand it does take time to for volunteers, and it is a lot of episodes. However, while reading reviews/discussion some say they have been waiting for not just weeks, but months for subtitles. Is that a normal wait, or was this drama dropped from getting subtitles? I just started watching, and I don’t want to get too into it, and to be left hanging.

Thank so much for taking time in my inquiry as well thank you to all volunteers who subtitle in english as well spanish. As a deaf girl, I truly appreciate it. Much happiness and health to you all.


Put it on your list of shows to watch, and check back periodically to see if the subtitles are being worked. Unfortunately it does take time. I opened up a similar thread, on God of Lost Fantasy, early into the year, and the subtitles were never finished until the summer. It would be great if the channel manager, or any of the team members replied to you here, that will definitely let you know the pace at which the team is working on Cruel Palace. Best to you! :blush:


I checked and it even seems to be a matter of years, not only months :frowning:
That’s a bit sad. Maybe if we all filed for subtitles at the help center it would be fixed? We can try…


@ajumma2 @cgwm808

My dears, I found you were part of the project, I guess as editors.
Do you have any details to share?
I think in my region it wasn’t licensed for a while, but I don’t know how it was about the Americas.
There are 2 CMs on the list … So, anything you recall?


Will definitely add it! Thanks :smiley:


Thank you so much for this information, it will come in handy for many members who come across similiar problem while watching any series or movie :smiley:


Oh, man, that review section is a minefield …


We had a wondeeful team but the number of episodes all uploaded at once stunned us. I think by the time we got the Korean scripts, dramafever was terminated, so viki took over lots of their library in 2016. I remember being on 9 dramas at one time in 2016 because long before I had signed on to projects for which viki originally lost the bid. Because we were too busy with other more recent dramas, I think for me and many others, this saguk was abandoned. I recall Lacruiser being the original channel manager.


I think he left that year for good. I can’t even fault lacruiser, the profile here is still there, but not at Viki itself, it is deleted there.
A real loss, when I think of lacruiser, but well I think it fits in the time frame, when he stated not to sub any longer.


Maybe someone will volunteer to be the new channel manager and get things rolling again. Contact Viki and ask.


First we need to check on the current one, I contacted her, let’s wait and see. To wait a few more days will not really do much to the situation the channel is in.


Thank you so much!!! You guys are all amazing, not just tagging individuals that may help, but as well for contacting the new channel manager. I am loving the networking here on viki discussions. I am hoping they are able to form a team for the last 16 episodes.

The original team were outstanding in their subtitling, and even added lyrics to songs which is not always the case. I don’t mind waiting, I do know it takes time and appreciate those who volunteer to subtitle. I get annoyed when I see new shows, and people start commenting complaining there are no subtitles after barely 24 hours. Is why I waited posting this particular thread unsure if it was recently add, and only posted after I noticed in review it has been quite some time. As a deaf person, I depended on a captionist when attended school. It similiar to watching captions on a live show. While seeing them caption the first time years ago, I was in awe some might not realize is not an easy job as some would think. The gift they give connecting the deaf to hearing world, as well in general all of us to other cultures is truly priceless. They don’t get enough acknowledgement, but I know the deaf community see volunteers as are real life hidden super heros :man_superhero: :woman_superhero: :smile: so thank you!!!

I wish some viki viewers instead of complaining and trying hurry up captions just be patient on new shows, a gentle reminder or request on much older ones are okay. Just bare in mind they do have other things going on in life. Enjoy another show while you are waiting, is what I do. Thanks again, and sorry for rambling and going off topic from my original post.


Hi lutra,
I actually was not part of this team. There are times a fellow Viki friend would reach out to me to help out with some of the difficult lines to translate, and I go in to translate only those specific lines as a favor. That’s why I get added to the team even though I’m not a regular subber or an editor for the drama. Looking at my project profile, it looks like that’s exactly what had happened as I had only subbed 70 lines for this drama. It’s hard to sub a drama that I’m not watching since I wouldn’t know the context.

I am so glad to hear that you and other members of the deaf community are benefiting from the Viki volunteer work!

I hope the CM or a potential new CM will pick this drama up again and get other volunteers to finish up subbing. Best wishes!


Don’t worry, I contacted the current CM, and we will wait and see what she will decide. Thank you for letting us know.


I remember I worked in that drama that was used to practice segmenting, and no subtitles were allowed in the drama, but after a while it was no longer used for segmenting, and subtitles were at a very slow pace added. I guess someone dug this out of the grave it was at, and now needs to be taken care of so it can resurrect from the deep sleep.

If it has a new CM which I doubt it DOES; bc I see @myrna there; that hasn’t been active in a very long time now… So I’m assuming the drama needs a new team bc it shouldn’t stay unfinished. I remember thinking what a waste to use this drama for segmenting practice bc it was such a great drama to be able to watch.

I hope if a staff is available, they can PLEASE look into how this drama can have closure for so many viewers including ME/Myself and I. I will definitely watch it, the moment I see a new team working on the drama UNTIL the very End. That means after all episodes are subbed; I’ll start watching where I left off last time.



that I usually tell myself angelight made bad experiences at some place somehow and therefor often thinks negatively. I just let that sit and read your comments then a 2nd time, for not to be offensive in your eyes, because it can happen easily.

So I just want to say this, okay, while digging in and around the channel volunteers, I found subtitles who were really old and “younger” ones that were stated on the main channel page, or former page.
However, the practice was when you worked there, let’s say fair enough you received training for segmenting there. But that was then. Period. And now is now. We are looking for a solution it is as simple as that.
When you saw the ID of Myrna as CM you can’t ignore that you must have seen the ID of myriam since her ID picture is on the first position. So there is another CM ID, but you like to assume there is no one.

Sometimes I wished you could be a bit optimistic, if you want the subtitles written so much, did you fill out the subtitle request form?

If you want to have Viki translate it, of course it will not be easy there is no idol to pull in the masses, it is old, it is politics and no rom-com, it is not on air, but …

As always, it has never been easy to find Ko-En Subbers and with such a drama even harder, shouldn’t we at least try what we can to help? Okay, we can’t translate from Korean, but perhaps we can motivate those people who want subs to fill out the form, when Viki gets an increasing number of subtitle requests, then perhaps we might get to see a little helping hand from them.


image lutra that I usually tell myself angelight made bad experiences at some place somehow and therefor often thinks negatively. I just let that sit and read your comments then a 2nd time, for not to be offensive in your eyes, because it can happen easily.

I HAVE NO IDEA what you are talking about, but when I practiced segmenting in this drama it was back in 2013, so it’s already 8 years ago. Once this drama was released from segmenting purpose, it should have been fully segged and subbed years ago, in other words way finished.already. Why they have it here incomplete still after 8 or 6 years? no less. Depends how long it was used for segmenting purpose, that is.

Optimistic? You know how many request I made back in the days for this drama to be fully subtitled? NUMEROUS of times. The team that is displayed there is not a new team, but the team from back in 2013, and if they were going to finish subbing the drama; I think 8 years is more than enough time to have it fully subbed.

It may not be back in the days easy to find korean to English subbers, but that is not the case now bc it is possible now to use different methods to get the subtitles in the drama and of course we’ll need moderators and editors to make sure the subtitles are decent enough for viewers to see.

It has become to the point that some subtitles are RIDICULOUS for the era, but at this point even that is acceptable to me as long as I see this drama fully completed. so I can enjoy it and have closure.

I don’t know what I wrote that ‘‘bugged’’ you so much, but it doesn’t surprise me either. IT seems to me that in your ‘‘eyes’’ I can’t do anything right. I wish I knew…:pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive:


I wrote it, so I am surprised you replied to everything else except for that one point.

As I said, before, I always try to be careful writing in what I think are sensitive matters of a project.

Maybe I should use a line that is often used in C-dramas:
“You are overthinking things.”


unfortunately, pre-subs come only with some current dramas. Google translate is redundant. For such old dramas, the only way to translate them is by recruiting Ko-En subbers :slightly_frowning_face:


Unfortunately, there are very few available Kor-Eng subbers who are not already inundated with on-air shows, and even fewer who are able to translate a historical drama.