Subtitling project

Hello! I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this, I was very intetested in watching an episode of an indian tv series, I finally found someone who typed all the dialogues. If viki tv is intereted in having the video it would be great, since I dont know how to make subtitles. I’ve already talked about this show in bollywood section. just in case you haven’t seen it I add the link here, the show is called Yeh hai aashiqui

Thanks a lot

Here -> you can fill in the request to Viki to add this series to the site. The more people fill in the request the higher the change of Viki adding this show. Does the show has an English name as well? That would make it easier for people to remember the show and to request it.EDIT: Oh, I just see the English title is Blind Romance :slight_smile:

Hello! thanks for answering, I’ve already done that request, but since I understand it was quite difficult to find someone who speaks hindi, that’s why I found someone who could type the dialogues this way it would be easier for viki tv to accept the project.

The series is about different love stories, each episode is different characters. I could ask the name of the show.

Ok. Otherwise you can try to ask this again here: if there’s someone who speaks Hindi and if he/she is willing to translate this series.


Hi again! It seems I didnt explain myself clearly, I do have the translation the problem is to coordinate the dialogues with the video, that’s what I wanna ask but I dont know where to request this kind of petition


Oh ok, Sorry, yes, it seems like I misunderstood. Anyway, in that case I don’t know how to help you. Hopefully someone else is able to help you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, anyway :slight_smile:

Oh so you mean segmenting. Seggers are the one who cut the videos in verses of a dialogue for people to translate it. So you are looking for seggers that speak hindi.

Hello! I thought it could be done even if the person who does it doesn’t know hindi, more or less it can be guessed what are they saying and reading the dialogues

Segmenters don’t have to speak the language.
But first of all shouldn’t the video be uploaded? I know that viki does not allow fan channels anymore.

Viki doesn’t allow episodes being uploaded to fanchannels so unless this series gets a license nobody is able to sub and seg it. That aside it’s also strictly forbidden to use 3rd party subs on Viki. So even if you have the subs they cannot be used on here if the series got licensed because you didn’t make them.

So the first step you should do is as @emmelie96 suggested, filling in the title request form.

Also I don’t think it’s allowed here to recruit for seggers on youtube and next to that segging on youtube is very different then segging on Viki… tried segging on youtube once but failed.

I’ve already done the request a month ago, so what you are saying is that nothing can be done.

Thanks anyway