Successfully uploading playable clips to a channel

I have noticed that when I try to upload a clip on a channel I am managing that the clip shows up but it won’t play. Another channel manager I talked to says she has had the same problem. I have tried using the short YouTube short url, the long url, and http: vs. https:, all to no avail. I have another channel where the clips are full songs (JuNCurryAhn), and I don’t want to mess things up by putting up a clip that won’t play.

Am I just doing something wrong, or is there a trick I don’t know? I even checked the how to upload an episode or clip on Viki and there was actually very little information. It didn’t solve my problem. Any help sorting this out will be greatly appreciated.

Won’t play when you’re on the video’s page?
Can you link an example?

I usually have problems with adding the videos, but once they’re added, they usually load fine.

I have a clip up on Saimdang The Herstory, which hasn’t aired yet.

My clip came from here:

I don’t think it’s the videos themselves. I tried adding this clip to both fan and licensed channels, and they seemed to load fine.

Does this happen on all your channels or only certain ones?
If it’s only some channels, there might be a video block on specific channels like the Saimdang one. I’m not sure why it would happen, but I vaguely recall having seen something like it before, where the channel image will display instead of the video.

You might want to PM a staff member to ask about it as well.

This is good to know. It’s only my second time to do it, so I thought I was doing something wrong. Hearing what you said made me feel better about uploading to the JuNCurryAhn channel where Viki has already uploaded a number of clips from his Youtube account. I gave it a try and it worked beautifully. Thanks so much for troubleshooting to help me figure this out. I really appreciate your help. XOX Joysprite

I don’t know why this happens either, for that reason I do not add clips anymore to channels I manage to prevent confusing people more.