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I’m looking for suggestions for some kdramas to watch that are more on the serious spectrum. Something preferably with a happy ending, and plenty of intrigue and drama (and romance!) What should I watch?

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  1. The Memorist (thriller, mystery, detective) Yoo Seung-Ho as the detective with mind reading capabilities [9.5/10 VIKI & 7.6/10 IMDB]
  2. Voice (thriller, mystery, detective) Kim Jae-Wook as the villainous psychopath [7.7/10 IMDB]
  3. The K2 (action) Ji Chang-Wook as the main lead [9.4/10 VIKI 7.8/10 IMDB] :slight_smile:
    have fun

There is seemingly endless Greatness with the serious Kdrama on Viki. May I suggest a few of my favorites that I would highly recommend? Here goes:

I’ll stop for now, and hope you find some greats! :smiley_cat:


I stumbled across this one because I was crushing a bit on Chae Soo Bin from I Am Not A Robot and Where Stars Land, both romantic comedies, so I was quite surprised by the more serious role she plays in this drama, one that she could actually get her acting teeth into.
The shows pace is quite slow but I think that it’s perfect as although it is billed as a romance, the secondary subject is dealing with loss so the pacing is just slowed enough to convey how people dealing with loss would feel that time stands still for them and would not work with the more upbeat pacing of say a romantic comedy or thriller drama.
I really liked the cinematography of the show, it was very visually appealing and how it draws you in to stop and look around as it was one of the sub plot of the drama. Something that the slower pacing of helps with allowing you to pause and visually take in the view.
The reveal of one of the tenant’s backstory was beautifully written,filmed and brilliantly performed (Lee Jung Eun) that it emotionally had me reaching out with her!

(Come to think of it, I rated the show but still haven’t written a review which I think I’ve done here! Cut, paste!)


Thanks so much!!!

Wow, you really went all out!! This is SO helpful! Thank you so much, I can’t wait to watch these shows. They look great!

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Nice! Thank you!!

how do you link viki dramas like that?

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To add Viki links to discussions, open the Viki website in a new window to the drama page you wish to link. I’m on an iPad, of course computer is fine too, but not through the app.

Then copy and paste the page URL into the discussion text box
( https:// www. viki. com/tv/36983c-memorist):


As such:

(Memorist is one of my top faves, too! :two_hearts:)

To add a slew of drama links, I first found and opened separate windows for all the dramas I wanted, then copied each into my discussion text box one after the other :smiley_cat: I hope this helps!


If it doesn’t work for you yet in the way @sheishun describes, it might just mean you haven’t been here long enough yet or haven’t posted enough yet. When you start out here the links you post just appear as simple links (http~blablabla). After you’ve been active here for a while the links you post just magically turn into visible things. Same with YouTube videos.


Ho visto tre volte love020 poi 3volte il bugiardo e la sua innamorata 4 volte k2, 2 volte lawless lawyer, 2 volte doctors, 5 volte oh hae young again, 2 volte lie to me, 3 volte a out time, 2 volte mask, 2 volte she s so lovable, 2 volte cinderella and four knights, 3 volte my id is gangnam beauty, 3 volte her private life e tanti altri la maggior parte coreani che hanno una durata massima di 20 episodi mentre gli altri nella specie i cinesi e Taiwan superano i 40 episodi un abbraccio a tutti della comunità

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thank you both so much! i’ll try that…

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ok, @mirjam_465 i think I’ve been here quite some time then :wink:


One Spring Night!

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